Saturday, January 15, 2011

Emily has arrived. "Hello Mother". Of
course Sarah greets her daughter. (you dont
need to see that). Emily takes off her hat & places it in
Papa's dusty red chair.

The widow Sarah has a thyroid problem.
She just doesnt own any energy. Vitamin D
dosent do that much good. So she will just watch
her daughter. Emily looks under her mothers rosy
bed. "Oh what a mess"! she exclaims.

Emily moved Papa's desk. "Oh
Mother it is so stuffed under there.
It is spilling out from under". Sarah
only listens to her daughter.
Emily starts to work. First she
hauls out many empty picture frames.
Gosh what is the purpose in hoarding them
she thought. There were so many
that they filled the top of Papa's bed.

Before she got back on the floor.
She saw The Pink Lady & Blueboy.
Thinking out loud she said, "I must
take them home with me". Its a good
thing momma didnt hear her. "There is
so much stuff under here mother".

After much pulling & tugging, Emily pulled
out a dollhouse & placed it on top of the
picture frames. "Mother why dont you give
the little girl downstairs this cute little dollhouse".
Emily didnt see the tears in Sarah's eyes.

Next, Emily pulled out 4 beautiful
quilts. Her thoughts kept racing.
They are much too pretty to be under a bed.
I think that I will take them home with me also.

Again she is on the floor
pulling out stuff. She also pulled
out a wig in its box & an empty
wig box. Why keep those useless items?
After putting them on Papa's desk she is
back on the floor again pulling out.

"Oh, I completely forgot you
had the frieze of 'The Lords Supper'.
Sarah only smiled at her.
"Mother, where is your Rosary"?
The widow Sarah hated to tell her.
But there wasnt any need to say anything.
Emily saw the look on her mothers face.
"I am so sorry that you lost them"?
Will anybody out there make a beautiful
Rosary for the widow Sarah? She sure would
appreciate it.
"Oh mother, can I have this frieze"?
"Sure dear. Are you sure you want that old
"Yes I have the perfect place to hang it",
said a pleased Emily.
"Mother where on earth did you get this piece"?
"Honey, your dear handsome father rescued that from
an old house that was being torn down.
He knew how much I wanted it".
"Thank goodness for Papa. They sure dont make
men like that anymore".

Again Emily admired the beauty
of the freize before moving it into
the living area. She didnt want to
forget to take it home. Then she
cleaned up some more before joining
her mother.

Exhausted, Emily plopped down
into a chair to enjoy her now warm tea.
They chatted for awhile.

I thought that you might would
like to see some of the stuff
that is still under Sarah's bed.
There is some dishes & still more
dishes in the blue checked box.

Papa's bed was still stuffed.
A couple of crochete pieces.
Look! an outdated plastic
rubber tree plant. Ummm
what a pretty oriental screen.

See what is under the crochet
pieces. Papa's tools & what is
that white thing?

Look at those nice books
under the bed. The Mother
Goose Book as well as the dollhouse
belonged to Sarah when she was little.
No way are they leaving this apartment!
Emily still left somewhat of a
small mess on Papa's bed. Perhaps
she just needed to 'shop' some of her
mothers things.
I hope this little skit brought an
overdue smile to your face. If you
have daughters then you know there
is always something that you own that
they want. Maybe a little mini life has
mimmicked someone's big life.
Enjoy the weekend.
by Hopblogger


diamondc said...

Connie: I love Sarahs story how sweet thank-you for putting a smile on my face.

Carolyn NC said...

So cute!

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