Friday, January 14, 2011

In between cross stitching

I work on many other projects. My dollhouse
got moved from the sewing room to my bedroom.
The dollhouse that I own is not a normal
dollhouse. It is a 5 story apartment building.
Here is just one of those apartments that is now completed
except for a few minor things. Like for instance - trim is
still needed around the windows. I do not know if I will put
up any moldings on the ceilings. Thats up in the air for now.
Curtains are also another things that I am considering leaving
out. The wallpaper in this apartment is really scrapbooking
paper. I loved the look of it so i decided to use it. It gives
an old appearance to the somewhat old apartment.
Meet the widow Sarah. Isn't she young looking!
Sarah & her husband had lived here for over 20
years. Now in her 50's life has settled down
more for her especially after the death of her
husband Bernard.
Here is where she sits waiting for her
daughter to arrive so they can drink tea together.
Sarah is dreading the argument they will definitely
get into. Emily has been trying to get her
mother to get rid of one of the beds & some of the
other stuff that is crowding up the nice apartment.
Sarah is reluctant to get rid of anymore of her

Emily is sure that all of this dust is
a health issue. Sarah doesnt have the
energy or the gumption needed
to clean everything up.

If you want to see a photo of Bernard.
Then just zoom in on the picture that is on
Sarah's vanity. The curtains are down.
They are being washed at Emily's insistence.

Look at all of the dust on the dresser.
There was Bernard's desk. Every day he
sat there looking at the newspaper while
smoking his pipe. The pictures beside the
bed never go hung. Earlier they had been under
the bed. It would be nice to hang them - but where?
The bed with the brown bedding on it was Bernard's
bed. Sarah cannot part with it. And it doesnt matter
what Emily says. It is not leaving this apartment!

See Sarah's old lace curtains.
They do have some holes in them
from where they have been washed over
the years. But she just cannot part with them.
They used to belong to her mother.

The front door is right beside the stove.
Such a cute apartment - dont you agree!
Every day Bernard would sit in that red
armchair & look out of the window.
Sarah remembers the memories.

Isnt the kitchen roomy. And what
a yummy cake that Sarah baked today.
Another view of the kitchen looking
into the bedroom. if that dresser was
gone - then you could see the bedroom
better. But Emily cannot get Sarah to get
rid of it. That's a shame. Its such a nice

Look inside the window.
The apartment is on the 4th floor
so there isnt any worry about anyone
looking in.

The apartment on the outside
is getting a new paint job or something.
The owners of the building dont
know if they want to brick it or

The apartment is just
below the Penthouse. Take a peek
inside the windows. Can you see
the widow Sarah.

by Hopblogger


nutmegg said...

I loved the story and can't wait to see more.

Carolyn NC said...

I love this!

Hopblogger said...

Hello there,
Glad to see that someone is reading it. I was beginning to wonder if anyone liked widow Sarah. It gives a break from the cross stitch - dont you think.
Anyway thank you for the nice comments.