Thursday, May 17, 2012

A New Biscornu

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Please keep in mind that my eyes
are still not up to par and so
I am unable to stitch this up.
Several times I have went over
it and so far there are not
any mistakes. If you do find
one please let me know
so I can correct it.
Feel free to change the
colors to suit your taste. And
use whichever side you like
best for the front or the back.
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Happy Stitching!
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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Do you like the TUDOR era.
Most people do. This is my youngest
daughter Pepper. Pepper loves the
Tudors and watches the series on
television. Pep is modeling her Tudor gown
and it is 90 degrees outside!
Surely way back then when the women
of England wore these fabrics and gowns
that it was much colder. I hope that it was.
I would burn up in this gown if I wore it!! 
She had to make this for her Drama class.
And she passed with flying colors!!
The pattern that she bought did not look
anything like this. She had to also
design her gown and this is what
she did.
My only role in the making
of this gown was to instruct her what to do
in order to get the look that she was looking
for. And I was happy to be a part of it any
way that she would have let me. 
The entire gown is lined and was made
from upholstery fabrics and wool.
Also my sewing machine would NOT sew any
of this fabric because it was so thick with the trims
so Pep had to HAND-SEW it all together!!
She used crochet cord and a large needle
to sew it all together.
Doesn't she look beautiful!!
 These are the bell sleeves that she trimmed with
red trim. Can you just imagine how much
fabric that this took. The sleeves are actually 3
sleeves. The big bells that hang down. The skinny
sleeve that goes up her arm and plus there is a
long green sleeve underneath. Plenty of trims
in the sleeves. In my opinion since
many of these gowns never made it to our
lifetime to view - and what ones we do see have
different fabrics in them that -
 it is a possiblilty that they recycled
many of their gowns to make into newer
gowns. Perhaps that could explain why many
of these gowns had so many different colors.
I only believe that recycling has always been going
and that recyling is not a new thing.
 Her bell sleeves are open for you to view
the front of the gown. The fabric colors
are chocolate brown, a golden brown &
a paisley. The cream in her bodice is
100% wool and it is lined. It has a small
little band of lace that matches the bottom
of her gown. To tie in the sleeves she sewed
some bands at the bottom and also trimmed
it in red trim. There is a lot of small and
large green trim also in this gown. The
gown has lots of detail. She was thinking
about making a belt to go high above
the waist but she did not have enough time
to sew one of them.
 She lifted up one of the bell sleeves
so you could see her inner sleeve.
Thick fabric with cream wool for the
inner lining. We did not know when
buttons were invented so she took small
tassels from a trim and sewed them
on so they would not dangle. They almost
look like buttons.
 The back of the gown is the most dramatic
part of the gown. Underneath this green
train that is trimmed with red - there is also
another train that is brown. Can you see
it behind the red lining.
 Maybe you can tell on this pic how the chocolate
brown sweeps back.
 She is heading up the steps to the front of my
house. Zoom in to see the detail with the
little tassels at the top of her train. We could
not help seeing her bra strap.
 I almost forgot the hair piece. I instructed
her also on how to do this. This was
the easiest of her entire project taking
her about 10 minutes to construct.
She also had to make a power point and
do a story on the movie that she watched.
The era was HENRY V. And the beautiful
actress Emma Thompson played Catherine.
I hope you enjoyed these pics.