Sunday, August 4, 2013


My beautiful friend Catherine from
has sent me a lovely, lovely rag wreath!
It took me a few days to figure out where
to hang it because it is so big. I love
that it is this big and takes up much
wall space. It is a good size of
20"X20".  The bow is not blue as
the picture shows. It is a soft lavender
color matching the deep and light purples.
I hung this on the wall between my 2 bedrooms
so I can look at it every time I come
upstairs (and that is often)!
The last photo I hope shows you
the gorgeous colors in this wreath.
Thank you so much my dear
friend for this lovely rag wreath!
You did an amazing job.
It is gorgeous.

Just look at those beautiful colors. This must have
taken Catherine a few days to complete as this looks
to have about 300 strips tied on it. For those that
have not tried this craft - it is easy and can be
quick. I am sure you would enjoy doing one of
Thank you for visiting my blog!