Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey, do you remember this

pincushion! Of course you do it was the size of a large plate.
I dont know if it was well liked - but the more that I looked
at it the less that I liked it. I dont need a large pincushion - I
very much prefer the smaller bottlecaps because I can put them
anywhere. They fit anywhere. So I figured that this large pincushion
was useless for me. I restyled that pincushion and I like it better.
It is smaller and has only one doily instead of the two. Take a peek
under the doily - the same deep blue fabric is still there. Both buttons
are still there but this time they have red floss that complete the rounds.
This pincushion is cuter however I still do not need a pincushion this big.
Hope that you think its still cute.
by Hopblogger

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Sweet White Angel Idea....

Hello folks and welcome to my blog. I have been working on a new biscornu
pattern but havent finished it yet. So in the meantime I hope that
you like what I will be offering you. The little angel is a christmas
tree ornament that I have had for some time. Its just been hanging
around - too pretty to put away in the christmas bin. So i made a small
round pincushion - nothing fancy. It has lace sewn down on the sides
but the angel is a little surprise. Yes turn it over & it becomes a needle
holer or a pin holder. Just sew a piece of white felt on to the back. The
stitching doesnt have to be great. I was obviously in a hurry & didnt
take the time to think. But you could take the felt edges & put
a blanket stitch on it - it would be so much cuter. Hang the pretty
angel on your sewing machine or anywhere close by. You dont have to
make a matching pincushion but I sure do like
sets of things. If I had the time right now - this would be the
perfect opportunity to cross stitch a matching angel
pincushion. Oh I wish I could. It is only then when
you feel that the project is done.
by Hopblogger

I have been very...

busy lately. Well busy isnt the word for it. When my
DH built me a sewing desk & attached it to the computer
desk a few months back - do you remember me telling you.
I was so elated. It didnt take long for my computer/sewing
area to become messy & boy did it do it real quick! Its a never
ending battle trying to keep a sewing/craft & a computer room clean.
Finally I came to the conclusions that the room is doing too much.
So much so that its not a double duty room - it was a triple duty
room. And it was all cramped into this little 10ft X 11ft space. I do have
to pat myself on the back and say that my hubby & I did really good with
the space to get it all to fit. The only thing in the entire room that looked good
was his cabinets! But the inevitable finally got here. My daughter
Pep suggested to me that it was time to separate the room even though
it had not been long what I call 'put together'.
She came over the next day & with all of my grandchildren's
help - we all moved one complete bedroom along with all of its
contents into a little room downstairs. I really do like the way
everything is coming together. Right now my father is occupying the
bedroom & when he is gone I am going to dress it up with some pinks
& show it to you. I will show before in the green bedroom & then in the
new space which is yellow. Yep after that they moved all of my
books, craft supplies & sewing gear into that green bedroom.
They were very thoughtful & careful
of my things. So much appreciated it, you guys! Many thanks!
Now we are in the process of getting the new space organized, but
already I can tell you that I love it. My hopes are to keep it clean & tidy.
I envision a lot of white for this space!
Hopefully it will all be finished soon - but not before my dollhouse
comes out of the attic. Hope to show you some pics. Anyway
I havent gotten much cross stitch done - just a little bit. I was able
to work on a little angel idea - which I will show now.
by Hopblogger

Monday, August 9, 2010

3 down & 3 to go

This cute little J came from
That site lost them or something like that. Anyway here is
a new address that Asha graciously gave to me that has
these Alphabets in PDF form. Click here.
I am stitching one of these for each of the females in my
family. B was for Brie. E was for Elise. And now J is for
Jan. My next letter to stitch is L for Lorie. Then P for
Pepper and then finally I will get one stitched for myself.
C is for Conny.
Arent they pretty!
by Hopblogger

My grandson Cohen

just loves Star Wars just like every other person.
He asked me cross stitch some Star Wars for him. The only
items that I saw that were free were the emblems. And now
I cannot find the site that I retrieved these from. If you see
it please let me know so I can give the source for others.
Another delimma I have is now that I have cross stitched them
what can I fix with them to give them to him.
Help me there also if you please!
These emblems work up fast.
Hey, I hope you like em Cohen.
by Hopblogger

Take a look at....

these pretty chatelaine's. I am so excited
to show them to you. Cathy makes & sells
them for $5.00 each. Hey this is a great buy!!
(But first let me apoligize for
a few photos that are blurry. I tried but the blue & yellow one just
wouldnt come clear enough). Each of them have cute little
charms or buttons attached. For instance sewing machines, look
at the little cupid on the blue one & the little scissors. All of these
have a pincushion attached except the blue one. These are bright
& cheery. Everyone of them will make you smile. I have never owned
a chatelaine - this is my first one & it wont be my last. I could
have used these when I was doing all of that quilting!
You need one
for each project - so it all matches. For this price you can afford to
get a couple of them. All you need to do is to attach your scissors to it &
whatever charms you have. Look at you - a seasoned Pro!
by Hopblogger

Here they are,,,

photos of the stitching group. All of these people
are smart, friendly & frankly some of the sweetiest
ladies that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Come
on & let me introduce you to them. First we see Becky. Becky is quite - she
is busy, busy stitching. (BYW I hardly get any stitching
done because I keep running my mouth.) She did the Lords Supper
& it now hangs in her church. I never saw it but she said it took her 10
years to stitch it. I bet that its lovely!
Next is my grandaughter Brie. She is new to cross stitching & was a
little shy at having her pict taken.
The lady in the purple blouse - thats Shirley. Shirley is alot like
Becky. For the most part she is quiet - just stitches away. I bet she
gets a lot done. Next is Cathy. Cathy is displaying her nice Lizzie Kate
banner that she is stitching. It sure is nice. (Cathy thought that she
would hide her face - but I snapped another photo of her.)
The lady with the yellow blouse on is my daughter Pepper. She is
stitching a chinese dragon for her son. It is going to be pretty when she's
done. Last is Marsha McGill - the hot air balloon designer. Love those
Marsha get your hands out of Cathy's bin!!
Look at that bin. Cathy makes the cutest Chatelaine's. This sweet lady
let me pick out several of them & hey I found her scissors for her!!
Her scissors was attached to one of the chatelaine's.
Cathy is asking only $5.00 for each chatelaine. Thats a steal so if you
want to buy one let me know. The next photos will show more of what
they look like.
by Hopblogger

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I finished 2 more mini's..

Hope that you like these pics. As you can
see these little mini's do not cost that much. I think
I will definitely make a scissors fob out of this
little kit. Both of them worked up so quickly. And
as you have noticed doing those French Knots are
not my cup of tea. Finally I am able to make them.
Hey I forgot to outline one of the little buttons. I'll
fix that before I make the fob. I will have to make
a matching scissors book.
Pick up some of these cute little kits and get to stitching!
by Hopblogger

I joined a Cross Stitch Group.

About a month ago my daughter & I happened into
Barnes & Nobles when she spotted 5 women cross
stitching. In the group
are Cathy, Shirley, Becky, Lynn & Marcia.
They are very sweet & friendly ladies. Nevertheless me & Pep
& my 2 grandaughters have now joined the club. We
talk and look at what each other is stitching. This week
I will get photos of the group & post them. I would like
to tell you about Marcia. Her full name is Marcia Mcgill.
For those people that have heard of her or has seen
her designs - know that what she has designed is so cute!
I bought 3 of her designs last week. She so kindly autographed
each one of them on the front right side. The first chart that I bought was
'Reindeers Night Off'. I just love how instead of reindeers, Santa's
sled is going everywhere by a hot air balloon. And the houses beneath
the sled. It is so darling that I couldnt resist it.
'January Balloon' was cute also. She told me the story
of this one but I have forgotten. I will get her to tell it to me
again. 'February Balloon' has a heart for its balloon.
Cupid is getting ready to shoot his arrow. I wonder who he will
shoot? Marcia also has the cutest Noah's Ark. Maybe she will let me
post a photo of it. Snakes are actually painting on the ark.
Enjoy the photos
by Hopblogger