Sunday, August 15, 2010

I have been very...

busy lately. Well busy isnt the word for it. When my
DH built me a sewing desk & attached it to the computer
desk a few months back - do you remember me telling you.
I was so elated. It didnt take long for my computer/sewing
area to become messy & boy did it do it real quick! Its a never
ending battle trying to keep a sewing/craft & a computer room clean.
Finally I came to the conclusions that the room is doing too much.
So much so that its not a double duty room - it was a triple duty
room. And it was all cramped into this little 10ft X 11ft space. I do have
to pat myself on the back and say that my hubby & I did really good with
the space to get it all to fit. The only thing in the entire room that looked good
was his cabinets! But the inevitable finally got here. My daughter
Pep suggested to me that it was time to separate the room even though
it had not been long what I call 'put together'.
She came over the next day & with all of my grandchildren's
help - we all moved one complete bedroom along with all of its
contents into a little room downstairs. I really do like the way
everything is coming together. Right now my father is occupying the
bedroom & when he is gone I am going to dress it up with some pinks
& show it to you. I will show before in the green bedroom & then in the
new space which is yellow. Yep after that they moved all of my
books, craft supplies & sewing gear into that green bedroom.
They were very thoughtful & careful
of my things. So much appreciated it, you guys! Many thanks!
Now we are in the process of getting the new space organized, but
already I can tell you that I love it. My hopes are to keep it clean & tidy.
I envision a lot of white for this space!
Hopefully it will all be finished soon - but not before my dollhouse
comes out of the attic. Hope to show you some pics. Anyway
I havent gotten much cross stitch done - just a little bit. I was able
to work on a little angel idea - which I will show now.
by Hopblogger

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