Monday, October 25, 2010

One day I had an idea....

I bought these little colorful wooden things at wal-mart
quite a while ago with intentions of doing something with
them. Who knows what - the idea escaped me.
Recently I thought about using them as a template for wrapping
floss. You can print out this page, enlarge it to the size you desire.
Then you can cut the design out of firm cardboard.
There are 2 ways to do this.
One way is to cover the
cardboard with aida cloth, scraps of cross stitch or just cloth.
Then glue 2 pieces together to make a front & a back in order
to hide all of the bad edges. or the other way is to just
take one piece of cardboard, cover it on both sides with fabric,
or you could paint & stencil it, then
at the seams or edges apply a braid.
Generally I try my ideas first before suggesting anything.
But in this case you could play around with it since I havent
had the time to do so. I would love to know if you
do try it. It would be great to see some photos of one.
Have some fune with it - personally your own
floss wrappers!
Have fun with this.
by Hopblogger

I can tell you HOW TO BEAT FREECELL #1941

The only way that I can tell you is to put it
into steps. Above the freecell game there is a place that the
Ace's collect. I call this the 'ACE AREA'. The other place where
you place your cards at - I call that area 'UPSTAIRS'. Where
you play your cards at - this I call 'DOWNSTAIRS'.
Here are my 38 steps for beating this game.
#1. Move the King of hearts upstairs.
#2. Move the 5 of clubs & 4 of hearts on top of the 6 of hearts.
#3. Move the 7 of hearts, King of diamond & King of clubs upstairs.
#4. Move 9 of clubs on top of 10 of diamonds.
#5. Move 8 of diamonds on top of 9 of clubs.
#6. Bring downstairs the King of clubs.
#7. Move the 9 of clubs & the 8 of diamonds & place it on top
of the 10 of hearts.
#8. Move the 10 of diamonds upstairs.
#9. Move the 3 of diamonds on the Ace area.
#10. Put the 6 of clubs on top of the 7 of diamonds.
#11. Put the 7 of clubs on top of the 8 of diamonds.
#12. Put the 5 of hearts on top of the 6 of clubs.
#13. Put the 4 of spades on top of the 5 of hearts.
#14. Put the 3 & 4 of hearts on top of the 2 of hearts in the Ace area.
#15. Put the 5 of clubs on top of the 6 of diamonds.
#16. Put the 6 of diamonds on top of the 7 of clubs.
#17. Put the 4 of diamonds on top of the 5 of clubs.
#18. Put the 3 of spades on top of the 4 of diamonds.
#19. Put the 5 of diamonds on the 6 of spades.
#20. Put the 4 of clubs on the 5 of diamonds.
#21. Put the 9 of hearts on the 10 of clubs.
#22. Put the 5,6&7 of hearts in the Ace area.
#23. Bring downstairs the 10 of diamonds.
#24. Take the 9,8&7 off of the 10 of hearts & put these on the 10 of diamonds.
#25. Put the 10 of hearts upstairs.
#26. Place the 8 of spades on the 9 of hearts.
#27. Put the 8 of clubs upstairs.
#28. Put the 7 of diamonds & the 6 of clubs on the 8 of spades.
#29. Put the Queen of hearts on the King of clubs.
#30. Bring downstairs the one of the red Kings & put the Queen of spades on top of it.
#31. Put the 5 of spades in the Ace area.
#32. Put the Queen of clubs upstairs.
(At this point you should be able to finish the game, if not continue with my steps).
#33. Bring downstairs the King & put the Queen on top.
#34. Put the 10 of hearts on the Jack of spades & place on a King & Queen.
#35. Put the Jack of clubs on the Queen of diamonds.
#36. Place the Jack of hearts on the King & Queen & put a 9 & 10 combination on top.
#37. Put the Queen & Jack in a new pile & put the 9 & 10 combination on top.
#38. Put black 10 & 9 on the red Jack & move to the King & Queen.
Have fun!
by Hopblogger

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Friend is both a treasure

and a comfort. Well, I got it finished and this
one is for me. I dont know what happened to
the other one. Probably I gave it away. This
is a great pattern. The colors are pretty.
It was a joy to do it again after all of these years.
I could be wrong but it seems to me that when
you stitch a favortie pattern again, that it stitches up
faster the second time around.
Many stitching hugs
by Hopblogger

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stitch it up this week!

Here is the 'Buttons Forever' patterns.
The colors used for the front green side are DMC
#913 Nile Green & DMC #334 Baby Blue. This
Baby Blue color is used on both sides.
Colors used for the back or brown side are
DMC #938 Coffee Brown.
Feel free to change the colors.
Have fun.
by Hopblogger

Once upon a time....

there were many buttons. Yes, there was enough
green & brown buttons to stitch together
to form a biscornu. I hope that you like the
simpleness of it. It's really pretty. Maybe someone will stitch
one in pink - that would be lovely also. The brown
side stitches up really fast. The pattern will
be posted soon. Along with the pattern
I will include the colors used along
with the size. Enjoy stitching
"Buttons Everywhere".
Thank you for visiting me!
by Hopblogger

Sunday, October 10, 2010

When I dragged

stuff out of my attic a while back - I came across
cross stitch patterns & books that were at least
13 years old. Back then both of my daughters
cross-stitched while we lived in Oklahoma. I only
made a few items & most of them were small except
for the sewing machine pieces. I love those items
that include sewing machines in them.
The pattern that I am showing you
today was in that box. I remembered
doing this but I gave it away - but not before I took a
photo of my work - which I will post when I finish
stitching this - just to compare my work then to now.
This is so cute! I started it about 2 weeks ago. I hope
to finish it in about 2 more weeks. This pattern is RARE.
It is called "A friend is a Treasure".
I hope you like it.
by Hopblogger

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let It Bee

I started "Let It Bee" by Dimensions a few months back.
Whew! I sure am glad
that its finally finished. It is a full time job just
trying to cross stitch all the things that
you want to do. I dont know yet what I am going to do
with it. Since I cannot mqake french knots look decent,
I thought that it would be best to leave them out. Maybe later
I will sew some beads on it.
I think the needle minder that I made looks
appropriate for this Bee project.
Thanks for visiting me.
by Hopblogger

Sunday, October 3, 2010

To a stitcher in our group.

Kathy had knee surgery this past thursday. So, on wednesday
I gave her this. Its ok if she reframes it because I didnt do too good
of a job. I had to have something in a hurry.
But enjoy it Kathy.
by Hopblogger