Monday, June 25, 2012

Elise Stitching

I have been teaching my grandaughter
Elise how to hand stitch a quilt.
Of course the quilt is pint size but it
is so overwhelming for youngsters
to start with a large quilt. However eventually
she will be stitching on a large quilt.
I am very proud of well she is coming along with it.
Her stitches are very tiny.
A very good student she is! And look how hard
she is concentrating.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You just gotta love Hydrangea's

My hydrandea bush in my backyard
has gotten out of control!
This blue hydrangea bush is just one huge bush.
Apparently it loves my soil.
I love the cottagy look that it gives.
If it keeps growing out into my yard I will have
to trim it back considerably if I want to carry the
trash can around to the front of the yard. Every year
this bush grows bigger and bigger. Maybe I will
trim it back next year to see how much bigger it
 On the left can you see the purple ice caps Hydrangea
bush. The white heads is a white hydrangea - however
still the blue hydrangea is trying to grow over both of
those bushes. Perhaps I need to just have this garden
for the blue hydrangea's.
I hope that you like my garden pics. Hydrangea's
are beautiful - go plant you some!