Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is the second year in a row that we have gotten snow. Isnt it peacefull looking - so serene - SO BEAUTIFUL! We are expecting more snow. Just some pics I took earlier today because
it is suppose to snow some more tonight. The first 2 pics were taken at my front door. IT IS TOO COLD TO GO OUT THERE! Brrrrrrrrr The other pics are taken from my dining room bay window.
by Hopblogger

Friday, January 29, 2010


LARGE pincushion. These pincushions are the easiest & the quickest things to make. I
guess that is why I like to make them or reuse HEARTS. All
you do is stitch & stuff. Decorate it or leave it plain. Judge for yourself if you like
its size or not. I cut out the cotton fabric the size of the plate - but I didn't account for the shrinkage of the fabric once it was stuffed - see how much smaller the cushion is. It is 8 inches across & 3 inches thick. I chose to decorate both sides with 2 different kinds
of cotton doily's. Then, I hand stitched
small cotton lace around the edges - sectioned it off with white cotton floss
& added buttons. Reversibility doubles when each side of the pincushion
is a different color fabric. See the light blue side of the cushion with the
white doily - I was hoping that the effect would look like a flower. This doily is
stitched down onto the fabric. The dark blue fabric on the other side has a old
cream doily that is not stitched down. It is held down with the cotton floss. At this
point I am undecided if I want to fancy them up. Maybe they are too plain.
I dont know, I cannot decide.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you handwash your dishes....

almost every night I have some dishes that I need to handwash.
Not everything goes inside my automatic dishwasher. To get out of
handwashing my dishes - I need 2 dishwashers! But that isnt happening -
so I have to handwash still. Here is the website for handwashing
Use this recipe or just opt to use some of your laundry detergent like I do.
You dont need much - just a little bit.
To me there isnt much difference in the recipes except for that bar of soap.
But still use the distilled vinegar.
by Hopblogger

Just want to tell you about Judi....

Judi has this neat website & on it
she has some great soap recipes that she makes with a crockpot!
I cannot wait to try that as I have been wanting to make my own soaps
for awhile now. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get it done.
To visit Judi - just look at my followers list & click on the pretty
white daisy. Thru a wire you will be transported to her
contact station. Just look at it & click on Momma Muse & you
will be there at her place.
Check out all those great soap recipes!
I have to go shopping - gotta find me stuff to use as molds!
by Hopblogger

Hello There....

sure do hope that everyone had a nice weekend & got a few projects done.
I am working on a few things but have not completed them yet.
Hashimoto has had me tired lately. Anyway I wanted to give to you
a few websites & let you know what I have been doing - in the way
of thriftiness. The last time we made automatic dishwashing liquid I forgot
to take pics of it. Anyway, it is very easy to make & economical also.
Take note, that the recipe calls for the same
ingredients as your laundry detergent minus the soap, so you have
everything already. Also notice that you have to teaspoon
the soaps into the dishwasher compartments
each time that you use it, but we did not do that. All we did was mix the Borax
& the super washing soda together 2 cups each into our large container & fill the
rest up with water. Just be sure to shake, shake, shake
each time before using. Also I want to say do not use your laundry
detergent in the automatic dishwasher because it might be too soapy & you wont
be able to rinse it all off of the dishes. Be sure to use the distilled white vinegar in the rinse
cycle as this helps. Dont forget it. I have been using this mixture & it is a little soapy for me.
Next time we make a fresh batch I will play around with the recipe & see about
using less detergents - or when my liquids get to half of my container - I might try
diluting it even more. Play around with the recipe until you get it the way
that you like it. Have fun!
by Hopblogger

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


taste good. It is a gluten free potato chip. Buy them at wal-mart and a few
other food stores. However for me when I ate them - my tongue started hurting
& swelled - a sure sign to me that even though there isnt any wheat in them - they
must be processed in a facility that processes wheat. I also bloated after eating
them. Well these potato chips are off of my menu. My tongue still hurts. It is amazing
to find out that once you get rid of offending foods - how the foods will react on you.
Popcorn gives me ulcers on the inside of my cheek. Does it do anything to you?
by Hopblogger


ugly straight pins cannot beautify any pincushion - no matter how pretty
the cushion is. And if the pincushion is ugly, well we know that an ugly straight pin
isn't going to make it look any better either. Now, some of those lovely FIMO pins look
good enough to eat - have you seen them? They are in the shape of carrots, cake &
ice-cream -- YUM-ME! One day I am going to break down & buy some of them but
right now they are a little pricey. However the next person that asks me what I want
for my B'DAY - well I am going to answer with, 'why those pins that the bloggers are making
& selling, of course! I have tried my hand at the Fimo & I do not have the patience
necessary for this craft. For now, I have to use my imagination & craft from some of the
things that I already own. I dont know if anyone has thought of this idea or not - but I have.
On hand I have stickers, pom-poms, bows & stickers - you get the idea. LOL
This is my version of a pin-head. All of these take only a matter of few minutes.
THEY ARE SUPER-PRONTO! The first pict shows what I have used - be sure
to click on picts to make them larger & zoom in on those white embossed hearts.
They sure are pretty. Many failed attempts to take a decent picture of those
hearts. Amongst the array of items in the second pic - there is a little white strip of
flowers. This is lace trim & can be purchased at any fabric store where they
sell lace or notions. These work very well! Just cut them apart & glue them together
over a FLAT-HEAD PIN. I am going to make more of those! The little pink flowers
are paper stickers. I added more glue for the pinhead & then stuck them together.
The red checked bows are super-quick. Just stick a pin into the front of the bow
& push out thru the back. Show the pinhead or not. I chose to stick the pin where it
could not be seen. Glue the pin in place or not - its your choice here. With the pom-poms
just stick the pin thru & cover it up if you like - you get the idea. I tried glueing the
ladybug but that didnt work. I wanted a ladybug on each side of the pin - didnt work.
I am just going to glue a pinhead to it. The pale pink ribbon flowers was also easy & took
under a minute for all of them. On the back of those flowers just stick any kind of pin
thru the bow. I used the large pinheads for this one because you would not be able to see
them anyhow. Oh gosh, I meant to snap a pic of the back of that one. Sorry.
For the foam letter stickers lay the letters back to back before you peel off the paper
backing - to make sure the letters align, once this was done I then peeled off the paper
laid the pin down on one of them & stuck the other to it. Shown is the package that I
used for those letters - only the W,C,I,M & O line up. If you want other letters look see
what else is available. I wish that you were able to view the white paper hearts. They
are embossed & are stickers. Just sandwich a pin inbetween 2 of them. These line up nicely
as long as you place the pin in there right.
The good thing about using paper stickers or any of the stickers is that if a pin bends
or breaks then just trash it. Have some fun & use your imagination to create different
pinheads - you might think of something that I havent yet. Please share if you create
something better. Have been wondering about those FIMO pins - if your pin bends
or break - can you reuse those pretty heads on other pins? Are those pins just for
decoration only? Anyway start early for Valentine's Day & break out with all of
those pretty hearts to use in your sewing room as PINCUSHIONS. click-click to make
pics larger.
by Hopblogger

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I started going PARABEN FREE. Yes - I decided that it was about
time to purge my body of those offending bad chemicals.
I have had enough of them. Even though I realize that I cannot get rid
of all of them entirely - at least I can rid myself of half of them or more
from my house & beauty products.
First I purged my cosmetics - goodbye Estee Lauder, you have served me
well all of these years. In my quest to find make-up from constantly searching
the internet - I found the make-up at Whole foods. Not far from my house
& it was a plus that it is gluten free! Believe me even though
it says that it is gluten free - it doesnt mean that I believe it. Many items that
says it is gluten free in fact are not. For instance it could contain corn flour,
natural flavors & or modified food starch. This is not gluten free so be-ware
my blog friends. Corn is a cereal grass.
Anyway in order to have makeup I cannot get away from
the paraben - so I have to choose gluten free over paraben free.
Guess who won that one! So I have sucked
it up and went with gluten free this time. But when I find both
then I will let you know about it.
Below is a website that tells you the cancer - causing ingredients.
Pick my friend. So my makeup is not paraben free. Soon it will be in
my head - to stay away from make-up until a manufacturer
decides to make paraben & gluten free or if by some freak chance
it figure it out on my own. Na - I am not a genius or a chemist.
So sad because it might be a long time before I discover something.
Alas, I have found deodorants,
shampoos & other stuff that is paraben free & gluten free. So this makes me happy
at least for the time being but not for long.
Soon I am going to try my hand at making my own shampoo & some other
beauty products
I am also tired of paying those high prices & they keep soaring up higher - arent
you tired of all of it? Is it too much to ask for paraben-free
& gluten-free. Cant they make that!
Anyway at that same time I started making my own laundry detergent.
My husband helps me & I think that he enjoys that it saves us
LOTS OF MONEY! I like your help, honey!
For over 30 years I had been a Tide user - used nothing else but that.
Loved it. Now I have had enough of the high price & the shrinking bottle
not to mention the BAD PARABENS, & besides that, my ideas have changed
as I have gotten older.
By the way this recipe does clean your clothes. With all the recipes that I have
found only the soaps change the most. A few soaps to mention that you
can use is Ivory, Octagon, Fels-Naptha, & Zote. These soaps are cost-effective.
Here is the website for the recipe that I chose to use, however I tried
Zote the first time I made it. This batch was made with Fels-Naptha. Go ahead
& change the soap to your preference - but this is the basics so take it
from there. This is not my recipe.
Do not be afraid to make any of this - it is easier than you think to make
your own laundry detergent. Online are recipes for making your own handsoap,
automatic dishwasher detergent & hand washing detergent. These products
are safer & cheaper so - GO GREEN.
Both of my daughters & my sister jumped on the same bandwagon with me -
so wont you do the same. Remember to click, click on picts to make them larger.
Look at the website on how to make the detergent & look at my pics if it
helps you.
You only need to use about 3 & 1/2 oz of the soap - but my husband cuts all of it
up & then bags it in a zip-lock the soap that we dont use - to use
for next batch making. This time
we made 2 - 5 gallon containers so to make up for not having alot of Fels-
Naptha - we also added in some Zote. We weigh it - so if you are not a
good judge of how much is 3 or 4 oz - then weigh it.
I stir the soap on the stove until it melts while my hubby gets the
5 gallon tub ready, & he mixes the ingredients in that.
(if making 2 batches - do one at a time). When the soap
has melted then he pours the soap out of the pot into the container &
I stir it till blended - & folks that is all there is to it! Hubby puts on the
lid tightly - then we let it sit overnight - ready for my sunday washday.
Just be sure the next day when you open it - to stir it up because it gels.
Then dip it into your empty container & put it on the shelf above your
washer. I forgot to add that I also changed my downy to white distilled
vinegar. I put essence oil in that to make it smell nice. Only use a fourth
of a cup or less - as it doesnt take much. The vinegar smell goes away. This rinse
lasts a long time. Have fun!
by Hopblogger

Friday, January 15, 2010


to do & I used a 100% cotton dishtowel. The inside is
cross stitched roses of pink & yellow tied with a
blue bow. I only have a few tiny lace pieces leftover from
my bridal veil. As you can some of the glue has yellowed
which has added to the charm of the little bag. The entire bag when opened is about
10 x 13 and it draws up easily with the ribbons
to about 5 inches. So cute is the small pincushion that is only
2 inches across & is useable from both sides. Each side has the same little
white ribbon rose with green ribbon leaves.
A clothespin holds a wee bit of ribbon & a small wooden spool
with pink ribbon wrapped around it acts as a scissors holder.
Complete with a little fob. I took a wooden needle holder
& glued some dishtowel fabric to it & added little flowers to the top
& bottom.
How cute is the needlecase that is not quite 4 inches long x almost 2 inches
wide when opened. The last photo shows the little bag when closed.
Well, this bag disappeared - who took it??
In the future - I think that I will be making more of these cute little bags.
Try it - I am sure that you will love it too & will want to make more
of them.
by Hopblogger

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plastic has already

left the building!! Take a look at my OLD & NEW wooden
floss box. The first 3 pictures is a gentle reminder of how the jewelry
chest looked inside & out. Moma's chest measurements
do differ from Herrschners so therefore not all 450
threads are going to fit into mine. Each of my drawers will only
hold about 83 floss bobbins - but it doesnt matter because
I dont have all of 450 floss colors. I will get them as I need them
just like everyone else does. My husband helped me clean
out the inside of each of the drawers. We found that
the inside cloth was unsalvageable. It must have been dry-rot
because some of it pulled right up out of the drawers.
It only took us about a
couple of hours to clean it out & to sand down the outside.
Thanks hubby!!
As you can see the box is so pretty now. I applied 2 coats
of black paint on it & now it has a rich look. Dont you agree.
I cut 4 pieces of cardboard for each drawer from cereal boxes
& covered them with a pretty cream linen with blue flowers.
The fabric feels so good between your fingers.
When I finally got to the last drawer - I was so excited
that I decided to lay it on top of the chest. Excitement
drove me to start putting the floss bobbins inside before
the box was completed. All of the floss fit into 3 of the
drawers - with the exception of 34 which will go into the last drawer.
Couldnt help myself!!
Below is also a pict of the plastic fishing tackle box
that my sis gave to me full of bobbin floss. Look at all
of those pretty colors - they look even better inside of the
jewelry chest. Thank you momma for the chest & thank you sis
for all of the floss!
I didnt have any need for a jewelry chest - you have to own
jewelry for it. I am so happy with this wooden floss box - so happy
that I am hoping that it can be handed down into the family to
future generations. The cardboard dividers that I put inside
each drawer to divide the floss bobbins are not glued in just in case
one of my descendants decides to use it for its intended purpose. That is
the reason for not covering the cardboard dividers with fabric.
Keep an eye out for a large jewelry chest or several chests the same
size - do a remake,remix,reuse with your jewelry chest. If you dont need
a floss box - why not remake it over into something that you
could use. On the outside of each drawer stencil each
drawer lace, ribbon or beads! These drawers are deep
enough to accomodate ribbon boxes. Hey
you can even reuse it as a sewing box - & number the drawers 1 to 5 or name
those drawers needles, scissors, threads, & pins. If the drawers are
wide like mine try dividing some of the drawers in half or 4ths or 8ths.
Have some fun & break away from the plastic box!
by Hopblogger

Herrschners craft catalog

came into my snail box last week. It is the first magazine that I have ever
received from them. Of course I immediately opened it up & thumbed
through it - loving everything that I saw - as usual.
On page 17 was a very nice 6 drawer walnut floss cabinet for $200.00. Kind of
steep price. So pretty it is......well I cant pay that. Eventually
I put that magazine away & tried to forget about that cute little
floss cabinet. On saturday I went to my grandaughters
house & helped her clean out her room. She gave me back my
mothers jewlry box stating that she would never have
any jewelry to put inside. Hesitantly i brought it back home & put it on
my sewing table - thinking that perhaps
my momma wanted me to have it back.
It was only the following day when I looked thru Herrschners again
that I had a bright idea!!
The first cabinet below is from the magazine & it holds about 75 floss
bobbins in each drawer. The 2cd box has a different
style altogether but that is okay. It is or shall I say
WAS my mothers jewelry chest
& she has owned that box for about 36 to 38 years. In fact I gave it
to her! It was so pretty when it was brand new & all she ever
put inside it was costume jewelry. Anyway the box
is a little beat up & has seen its better days - time for a makeover!
by Hopblogger

Friday, January 1, 2010


yellow & blue CD case (or whatever it was) a few postings back -
well look at it now. They were not all that
difficult to cut - so I cut the back pieces into cartonnettes. They
are 6 inches high & 4 & 1/2 inches across. The cartonnettes are
different & colorful & really very sturdy with or without the
lace wrapped around them. These book or CD cases would
be very pretty in your floss box as floss bobbins or simply wrap lace or
ribbons around them. So pretty the colors are! I hope that
you can find these items to REMAKE those cases. Keep an eye out for them!
by Hopblogger

Christmas is over......

& it is time to retire a few ornaments from this years tree. As
you have already read from an earlier post that I had
taken a few christmas pieces & used them as pincushions - well
these snowmen & the santa were those pieces. Yea - this year
the snowmen did voluntary work as my holiday pincushions. They
will be pincushions again next year.
The sweet victorian porcelain dolls are going in the future sewing
baskets that I make. Soon they will have a new purpose. Rethink
those ornaments & make them into something new &
by Hopblogger