Wednesday, January 20, 2010


ugly straight pins cannot beautify any pincushion - no matter how pretty
the cushion is. And if the pincushion is ugly, well we know that an ugly straight pin
isn't going to make it look any better either. Now, some of those lovely FIMO pins look
good enough to eat - have you seen them? They are in the shape of carrots, cake &
ice-cream -- YUM-ME! One day I am going to break down & buy some of them but
right now they are a little pricey. However the next person that asks me what I want
for my B'DAY - well I am going to answer with, 'why those pins that the bloggers are making
& selling, of course! I have tried my hand at the Fimo & I do not have the patience
necessary for this craft. For now, I have to use my imagination & craft from some of the
things that I already own. I dont know if anyone has thought of this idea or not - but I have.
On hand I have stickers, pom-poms, bows & stickers - you get the idea. LOL
This is my version of a pin-head. All of these take only a matter of few minutes.
THEY ARE SUPER-PRONTO! The first pict shows what I have used - be sure
to click on picts to make them larger & zoom in on those white embossed hearts.
They sure are pretty. Many failed attempts to take a decent picture of those
hearts. Amongst the array of items in the second pic - there is a little white strip of
flowers. This is lace trim & can be purchased at any fabric store where they
sell lace or notions. These work very well! Just cut them apart & glue them together
over a FLAT-HEAD PIN. I am going to make more of those! The little pink flowers
are paper stickers. I added more glue for the pinhead & then stuck them together.
The red checked bows are super-quick. Just stick a pin into the front of the bow
& push out thru the back. Show the pinhead or not. I chose to stick the pin where it
could not be seen. Glue the pin in place or not - its your choice here. With the pom-poms
just stick the pin thru & cover it up if you like - you get the idea. I tried glueing the
ladybug but that didnt work. I wanted a ladybug on each side of the pin - didnt work.
I am just going to glue a pinhead to it. The pale pink ribbon flowers was also easy & took
under a minute for all of them. On the back of those flowers just stick any kind of pin
thru the bow. I used the large pinheads for this one because you would not be able to see
them anyhow. Oh gosh, I meant to snap a pic of the back of that one. Sorry.
For the foam letter stickers lay the letters back to back before you peel off the paper
backing - to make sure the letters align, once this was done I then peeled off the paper
laid the pin down on one of them & stuck the other to it. Shown is the package that I
used for those letters - only the W,C,I,M & O line up. If you want other letters look see
what else is available. I wish that you were able to view the white paper hearts. They
are embossed & are stickers. Just sandwich a pin inbetween 2 of them. These line up nicely
as long as you place the pin in there right.
The good thing about using paper stickers or any of the stickers is that if a pin bends
or breaks then just trash it. Have some fun & use your imagination to create different
pinheads - you might think of something that I havent yet. Please share if you create
something better. Have been wondering about those FIMO pins - if your pin bends
or break - can you reuse those pretty heads on other pins? Are those pins just for
decoration only? Anyway start early for Valentine's Day & break out with all of
those pretty hearts to use in your sewing room as PINCUSHIONS. click-click to make
pics larger.
by Hopblogger

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