Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plastic has already

left the building!! Take a look at my OLD & NEW wooden
floss box. The first 3 pictures is a gentle reminder of how the jewelry
chest looked inside & out. Moma's chest measurements
do differ from Herrschners so therefore not all 450
threads are going to fit into mine. Each of my drawers will only
hold about 83 floss bobbins - but it doesnt matter because
I dont have all of 450 floss colors. I will get them as I need them
just like everyone else does. My husband helped me clean
out the inside of each of the drawers. We found that
the inside cloth was unsalvageable. It must have been dry-rot
because some of it pulled right up out of the drawers.
It only took us about a
couple of hours to clean it out & to sand down the outside.
Thanks hubby!!
As you can see the box is so pretty now. I applied 2 coats
of black paint on it & now it has a rich look. Dont you agree.
I cut 4 pieces of cardboard for each drawer from cereal boxes
& covered them with a pretty cream linen with blue flowers.
The fabric feels so good between your fingers.
When I finally got to the last drawer - I was so excited
that I decided to lay it on top of the chest. Excitement
drove me to start putting the floss bobbins inside before
the box was completed. All of the floss fit into 3 of the
drawers - with the exception of 34 which will go into the last drawer.
Couldnt help myself!!
Below is also a pict of the plastic fishing tackle box
that my sis gave to me full of bobbin floss. Look at all
of those pretty colors - they look even better inside of the
jewelry chest. Thank you momma for the chest & thank you sis
for all of the floss!
I didnt have any need for a jewelry chest - you have to own
jewelry for it. I am so happy with this wooden floss box - so happy
that I am hoping that it can be handed down into the family to
future generations. The cardboard dividers that I put inside
each drawer to divide the floss bobbins are not glued in just in case
one of my descendants decides to use it for its intended purpose. That is
the reason for not covering the cardboard dividers with fabric.
Keep an eye out for a large jewelry chest or several chests the same
size - do a remake,remix,reuse with your jewelry chest. If you dont need
a floss box - why not remake it over into something that you
could use. On the outside of each drawer stencil each
drawer lace, ribbon or beads! These drawers are deep
enough to accomodate ribbon boxes. Hey
you can even reuse it as a sewing box - & number the drawers 1 to 5 or name
those drawers needles, scissors, threads, & pins. If the drawers are
wide like mine try dividing some of the drawers in half or 4ths or 8ths.
Have some fun & break away from the plastic box!
by Hopblogger


Lori said...

Mama would be so mad at you... lol. However, I like what you have done with the jewerly box, it was very creative.

Wow, I didn't realize how much floss I gave you... It is a lot more than I thought and I am glad you are using each one of them.

Happy crafting Sis and keep up the good work. :-)

mieljolie said...

That's a clever idea! Love the box! I've been storing half of mine in a plastic box and the other sadly on a hole punched manila folder. Just been too lazy to organize. I think I've found inspiration at last! Thanks for sharing!