Thursday, January 27, 2011

'Baskets of Hearts'

Here is the pattern. Enjoy!
by Hopblogger

Where are you?

Hello fellow followers!
I go to your personal profiles & there
are so many blogs in there - that I cannot
find your blogs. Help me out here!
Give me your blog addresses so i can visit you!
by Hopblogger

I stitched it again.

This time in brown, blue & pink. It turned
out adorable. I used DMC 801, 809 & 899.
If you need any help putting one of these
together - just let me know. I dont mind
talking you thru it - no matter how long
it takes.

It is made a little differently
than the first biscornu.

Yep, look on all 4 sides. I
purposely left out part of the
pattern. It then made it much
more faster to stitch. However
it does look like something
is missing doesn't it. You could
sew on heart charms or some
basket charms in this area.
But if you do this - then sew it
all on before you stitch up all
the sides of the biscornu.
Both the front & back have the
same charms that say
'love forever'. See the back.

By now - are you
wondering what kind of charms
they are? Especially since I
had 2 of them that were the

I took the backs off of 2
earrings. They weren't doing me any
good just sitting around unused.
Take a look in your jewelry box
and see if you have some
costume jewelry that you
dont mind parting with.
Also add jewelry to your
scissor cases & fobs. Add them
to your pincushions along with
other cute things that you stitch.
Thanks for visiting me!
by Hopblogger

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I tried putting this new

Biscornu on the blog last night - but my camera
absolutely refused to do it. Just in time for
Valentines Day. It is called
'Baskets of Hearts'. This biscornu is
SUPER QUICK & EASY! And it can be
completed start to finish in one day. That
is - if you can find the time to stitch it. The colors
look great together. Colors used
are DMC 320, 3801 & 798. My friend doesnt know
it yet but this is going to her house. I am
going to stitch it again
in chocolate brown & pink for myself.
Someday I hope to fill
my basket full of biscornu's. Give me time
to get the pattern fixed and then I will
put it here for you all!
Thank you for visiting me.
by Hopblogger

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What to do with a pillow

that is pretty but not in your color
pallette. Well thats not completely true.
The white is starting to come into my home.
But the golden color is not. However
those cupids are so darling - I just cant
resist them. Hate to cover them. I have had this pillow
forever. Or at least it seems that way. Time for a change!
What to do. Thats easy enough. Just take
2 placemats. Yes I did said placemats & use them
to cover the pillow. These placemats were white on both
sides but one side had a little stain. The good thing about
using placemats is that - on the inside you dont have to worry
about the fabric fraying. Zoom in you can see the edges are
bound together. Be sure to leave a big enough opening!
Stuff that pillow in there anyway that
you can. See its in there.
Last - just sew it closed. Its a brand new
Its a great lumbar pillow for the computer
chair. Ahhh it sure does feel good!
Looks pretty too.

I hope you start looking at those placemats a
little differently from now on. Another
thing that I would like to say is - I hope that
all of you that do Miniatures really consider using
SCRAPBOOK PAPER for those walls that need wallpaper.
Dollhouse wallpaper is about $15.00 a roll.
I only used 5 sheets of scrapbook paper
for the entire apartment. Each sheet was only 69 cents each.
Thats a great savings. And I like it that not everyone
has this in their dollhouse! And I applied it to the walls with
Mod Podge. Also think about these placemats.
Zoom in on this pillow - & you
will see a nice pattern. What about using it for
MATALASSE' bed covers for your miniature beds!
The pattern is just the right size. Now
if I could only find those other 2 white
placemats - then I could stitch them up for those
naked dollhouse beds!
Thank you for visiting me.
by Hopblogger

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hopefully this works!

So sorry about that - I dont know what happened.
If this doesnt work - then let me know.
by Hopblogger

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here are the patterns

for Grandma's Afghans, front & back.
The front & back are meant to be 2 separate
patterns. Their colors do not have to match.
You can totally ignore my colors or make
up your own. However I do like the use of black on the
front. The back pattern that I offer here is different
than mine. Mine is more haphazard with the use of
some floss scraps. Your design will
be more orderly even when you use floss pieces.
If you do not use floss scraps then try to incorporate
more colors in the design. The back colors will pop! -
with the use of more color.
I hope you stitch this one!
by Hopblogger

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am so late

in showing this. Sorry Catherine. Grandma's
Afghans Biscornu put me behind on many
things that I was going to post. I wanted to show
you the things that Catherine from DiamondC sent to me.
If any of you want to visit her blog then go to my
profile and look under blogs. She is the first blog listed.
I visit her often.
Look at the beautiful card that she sent to me. I love the
black and white theme of the card. See the little metal tag
attached. It says 'You're Special'. Catherine is so thoughtful.
Several times I tried to get a good clear photo of the inside verse.
But my camera wouldnt hear of it. I will forever keep the card
and find a way to use all of it with my crafts.
When Catherine and I would email each other, I
told her that I was looking for '
The Spirit of Christmas' books.
She offered to send me 2 that she had.
I was so thrilled!
Now I only lack 5 of those books and then I
have a complete set.
Constantly I look through them. Now I have
to concentrate on getting the other Christmas
books by Leisure Arts.

And then as if that werent enough
she sent me the Christmas issue
from Just Cross Stitch 2010 magazine.
There are so many pretty items in here
to make.
Thank you Catherine for your
wonderful gifts. I love them!
It is so nice to give and to receive.
by Hopblogger

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love to play Free Cell - #4467

Well I do. Playing these games keeps the mind active.
So I decided if I won any hard games to
put the answers here. Only HARD games will be put on my blog.
So play along with me!
Please refer to the first game that I played so
you will know some of the lingo
that I use.
Follow these directions to SOLVING
1. double click Ace of spades to put it in the top right spaces.
2. Put Jack diamonds upstairs (in top left spaces).
3. Put 2 hearts on 3 clubs.
4. Put 5 spades upstairs.
5. Put 10 spades upstairs to release the Ace clubs.
6. Put 3 diamonds upstairs.
7. Put Jack diamond in free space.
8. Put 10 spades on Jack diamonds.
9. Put 5 clubs upstairs.
10. Put Jack spades on Queen diamonds.
11. Put 8 diamonds upstairs.
12. Put 9 diamons on 10 spades to release 2 diamonds.
13. Put 3 diamond on 2 diamonds.
14. Put 7 spades on 8 hearts to release the 2 hearts.
15. Put 3 hearts on 2 hearts.
16. Put Jack hearts & Queen spades on King hearts.
17. Put 9 diamonds on 10 spades on Jack hearts.
18. Put Jack diamonds upstairs.
19. Put 8 diamonds in free space.
20. Put 7 clubs on 8 diamonds.
21. Put 5 diamonds on 6 clubs.
22. Put Jack spades & Queen diamonds on King clubs.
23. Put 4 spades on 5 diamonds.
24. Put 10 diamonds on Jacks spades.
25. Put 9 clubs on 10 diamonds.
26. Put 7 clubs & 8 diamonds on 9 clubs.
27. Put Queen spades on King diamonds.
28. Put King hearts in free space.
29. Put 5 hearts upstairs.
30. Put Queen clubs on King hearts.
31. Put Jack diamonds on Queen clubs.
32. Put 9 diamonds & 10 spades on Jack diamonds.
33. Put 9 spades upstairs.
34. Put 8 clubs on 9 diamonds.
35. PUt 8 spades on 7 spades.
36. Put 6 hearts on 7 spades.
37. Put 5 clubs on 6 hearts.
38. Put 9 spades in free space.
39. Put 5 clubs & 6 hearts on 7 clubs.
40. Put 7 spades & 8 hearts on 9 spades.
41. Put 7 diamonds on 8 clubs.
42. Put 6 clubs on 7 diamonds.
43. Put 3 clubs upstairs.
44. Put 10 hearts upstairs.
45. Put King spades in free space.
46. Put Jack clubs in free space.
47. Put 10 hearts on Jack clubs.
48. Put 4 diamonds on 3 diamonds.
49. Put 9 spades on 10 hearts.
50. Put Queen diamonds on King spades.
51. Put King diamonds in free space to release 4 clubs.
52. Put 5 clubs on 4 clubs.
53. Put 5 spades on 6 hearts.
54. Put 7 clubs in free space.
55. Put 6 diamonds on 7 spades.
56. PUt 10 clubs on Jack hearts.
57. Put 9 hearts on 10 clubs.
58. Put 7 hearts on 8 spades.
I WON!!!
by Hopblogger

Friday, January 7, 2011

Floss Scraps

Remember Grandma.....
Hopefully you were fortunate enough to have
a grandma that was always crocheting something. If you
were - do you remember what those afghans looked like.
Did she make the afghans out of scraps of yarn or was she
lucky enough to be able to buy her yarns needed. This biscornu
front & back is made to look scrappy. While the front has
order to it - the back does not. It is called
'Grandma's Afghans'. And it took me every bit
of 2 weeks to stitch. At every minute I was stitching
as hard as I could. The bottom picture shows
the complete set that I made which includes a needlebook
needleminder & a scissor fob. The front of this biscornu
even has fringe on all 4 sides. Although I could
have trimmed them - I didnt want to. I wanted to make
it look used and well loved by letting the fringe
appear uneven. And look - no button in the
middle - only 2 strands of floss was used. It is to give
the appearance of the thread knots showing through.
When you get ready to do the center just thread a large eyed
needle from the front & pull the floss thru to the back. Be sure
to leave a long tail on the front & knot it many times so it doesnt
pull through to the back. When that is done then pull the threads
in the back really tight & go back through to the front. Do this many
times & each time that you go to the front knot the floss from your
needle with the tail of the thread that you have. Once you are done
then end at the back of the biscornu. Knot it many times & leave a long tail
just like the front. Trim these tails down to whatever size you want.
If you dont want to trim them - its okay. Anything goes with this

And here is the back. It is so colorful. The
back is most suited for all of your floss threads
left over from prior projects. The more scrappier it is -
the better it looks. If you already have a collection
of floss scraps then use them here. If not then just
try to make it scrappy. But remember if you use your
floss scraps (and you should) then it will take you far longer
than I to stitch it. And it will take lots & lots of floss scraps!

Here is a side view of the top. When you are
ready to stitch the front & back together - be
sure to keep the fringe out of the way. You dont
want to sew it into the seams!

Englarge this next photo and see where
I put my name. Yes I stitched Conny on it! Now
there isnt any question of who this biscornu belongs to. Lol's

This is just another side view of the back.

I used a small linen hankie to make the needlebook. It
lends an old feeling to the biscornu. The inside of the
needlebook is just a piece of felt with a nice subdued
color to it.

Now you can see what I did. I used the holes on the
hankie to attach the felt to it. All I did was just do half of a
cross stitch all the way around - being sure not to forget
to include the ribbon so it will close. Make sure to trim the felt
afterwards. The little gold bird is a needleminder. Aint he cute!
And my scissors holds a long tail of fake coins to it.
It jingles! Oh - I just love it.

I thought you might like to see the inside of the
needlebook. Super Simple yea!

I am very excited about this set! Gotta get the
pattern ready so I can post it. Give
me a couple of days. And then stitch up this biscornu in rememberance
of your grandma!
by Hopblogger

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Does Your Garden Gro

Here are some additional pics. Sorry that the last posting
about this biscornu was so short. I have been
preoccupied with the next biscornu pattern - so I forgot
to tell you that the the scissor fob is just 2 velvetten flowers
sewn together back to back with a piece of ribbon in between.
It only took about 5 minutes to construct. The other is a
matching needle minder. Also I am so sorry that I dont
have a pattern for this biscornu.It left my house before
I could copy it. But if you enlarge the pics you will be able
to see the pattern in order to stitch it. Also I would like to
apologize if the pics are not in order - as I am having trouble
with my computer. This biscornu is much more striking
when you see it in person. I hope all of you are stitching up
my biscornu's! Enjoy
by Hopblogger

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Are you ready for Spring...

This Biscornu is! Its called,
"How Does Your Garden Gro"
The front & the back stitch up quickly.
With this pattern you can have a biscornu in less
than a week. I hope you like the somplicity of it. Come on, give it a try.
Surprise yourself!
The scissor fob and needleminder make it a set.
by Hopblogger