Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am so late

in showing this. Sorry Catherine. Grandma's
Afghans Biscornu put me behind on many
things that I was going to post. I wanted to show
you the things that Catherine from DiamondC sent to me.
If any of you want to visit her blog then go to my
profile and look under blogs. She is the first blog listed.
I visit her often.
Look at the beautiful card that she sent to me. I love the
black and white theme of the card. See the little metal tag
attached. It says 'You're Special'. Catherine is so thoughtful.
Several times I tried to get a good clear photo of the inside verse.
But my camera wouldnt hear of it. I will forever keep the card
and find a way to use all of it with my crafts.
When Catherine and I would email each other, I
told her that I was looking for '
The Spirit of Christmas' books.
She offered to send me 2 that she had.
I was so thrilled!
Now I only lack 5 of those books and then I
have a complete set.
Constantly I look through them. Now I have
to concentrate on getting the other Christmas
books by Leisure Arts.

And then as if that werent enough
she sent me the Christmas issue
from Just Cross Stitch 2010 magazine.
There are so many pretty items in here
to make.
Thank you Catherine for your
wonderful gifts. I love them!
It is so nice to give and to receive.
by Hopblogger