Sunday, January 23, 2011

I tried putting this new

Biscornu on the blog last night - but my camera
absolutely refused to do it. Just in time for
Valentines Day. It is called
'Baskets of Hearts'. This biscornu is
SUPER QUICK & EASY! And it can be
completed start to finish in one day. That
is - if you can find the time to stitch it. The colors
look great together. Colors used
are DMC 320, 3801 & 798. My friend doesnt know
it yet but this is going to her house. I am
going to stitch it again
in chocolate brown & pink for myself.
Someday I hope to fill
my basket full of biscornu's. Give me time
to get the pattern fixed and then I will
put it here for you all!
Thank you for visiting me.
by Hopblogger

1 comment:

diamondc said...

Connie: Your Biscornu is lovely you should sell your patterns, this is adorable I am going to do this pattern.
I love the new look of your blog very pretty and very pink my fav color.
God Bless You My Dear Friend.