Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my blog.
Since my eyes are still healing,
I thought that I would show you
my shabby guest bedroom.
Welcome to my Guest Bedroom.
I like soft furnishings. And I adore
curtains unfortunately due to my
allergy's - I try to refrain from having
curtains in my home. But that does not
stop me from collecting or buying them.
Much of my stuff is in my attic. Periodically
the stuff in my attic comes down and the
stuff in the house goes up to the attic.
There is no door to this room. I had considered
having one put up there but everyone
loved it so much with the curtains that
I have decided against buying any
doors to put up there. The curtains help
to give the room a shabby look. The
curtains are Rachel Ashwells shabby
curtains. Sometimes I open them up,
sometimes they are closed. You can
see a tinge of blue behind the curtains.
 This is the view by my front door. I
really do think that a door would
interfere with the foyer or the bedroom.
Glad that I decided against a door.
Inside the room. This was the first room
that ever got painted. Yellow always
suited this room. The blue shower curtain
is also by Rachel Ashwell. I do not
mind it being short. It helps in the
shabby look. I wanted this room tiled
so my dear sweet hubby tiled it on the
diagonal for me. When there is not any
thing in this room believe me it makes
the room look bigger. It took my hubby
4 weekends to tile it once he got the
measurements right. I love this room.
 To the left of the door is an expanding
coatrack that I painted pink. It holds
ladies things. This gets changed often
but as for now this is what hangs from
it. An old wool-like jacket I think that
is from the 50's. Not sure though. Behind
it is a light pink scarf. A darker pink scarf
hangs in front of the jacket. A sweet
pink slip hangs beside it all. Yellow
and blue look so good together.
I wonder what happened to the side of
this photo??
Here is a close up of the coatrack hanging.
Most of the time the bed has so many pillows on it
that you cannot sit upon it. I pared them down just
for the picture. This is also Rachel Ashwells bedding.
I love her things. The pillow was cross stitched by
my daughter Pep back in Oklahoma. I sewed it into a pillow
and added baby pink lace around it. It has a backing of
 Generally I keep a couple of pillows side by side
in the blanket that is folded up at the edge of the
bed. I removed one so you could see beyond. I
will put the pillow back in later. This is a good
way to store extra pillows.
The bed is by Pottery Barn. I have had it for many
years. It has a trundle underneath for another person
to sleep. The bed ruffle is beautiful. It is cream and
I do not know who made it.
A close-up of the crocheted bedruffle.
Again shabby curtains are by Rachel Ashwell.
I try to refrain from putting holes in my walls to
hang curtains. Even though we own the house, if
we ever decide to move, I certainly do not want to
fix those holes. (My living room is the only room
in the house that has actual curtain rods).
There are cloth shades on these windows that we
installed years ago. They are only lowered when
guests occupy this room.
These blue curtains are hung up with tension rods.
The short cotton lace curtains are also held up by
tension rods.
You can see better how I keep the tiebacks on. I thread
them onto the tension rods. The only lace curtains
that I buy are cotton. Cotton lace curtains are soft
and they drape nicely. I steer away from polyester curtains.
The shabby clue curtains are 84 inches long. Sorry
about these curtain pics - the light comes in thru
these windows very nicely and it is hard to get
good pics. Here is some more of the tiled floor
that my hubby did.
When the trundle has to be pulled out - this little
stool and its belongings go into my dining room
until the guests go home. Most of the time the
3-tiered little wire stand is full of laces. I keep a few
books handy in the wicker magazine rack.
I love to store things in hat boxes.
In this hatbox are little
tapestry purses that I collected in Oklahoma.
Some of them, I used when we went to the Army balls.
At the end of the bed is a little leather footstool
that goes to my chair in the living room. I threw a
quilt on top and placed pillows on it. I wish I had a
trunk but I do not own one of them.
A close-up of the pillows. These change often also.
The screen generally hides a mess but for now
it is at the foot of the bed for showing purposes.
The dresser was my mothers that I received
after she died. The drawers hold shabby linens.
Under the dresser is a bed canopy that has not
yet been put up. I might glue some lace
under the dresser to hide these items. The top
is full of just fun things that I have had forever.
In the mirror you can see the back side of the screen.
I love those little wire dress manikins. Even though
I have not hung anything from it yet.  A shabby chic
lamp and another smaller pink lamp behind it.
I love mother of pear as is this white purse. Got it
in Oklahoma also along with many of the perfume
bottles that you will see.
The little ceramic piece on top of the mother of pearl
purse is actually a planter with an angel attached to
it. I put some folded hankies in that. Some small
Avon bottles on top of one mother of pearl purse.
A pink shabby cloth purse hangs from the mirror.
A wicker purse is beneath it. The pretty skinny piece
to the left of the pin shabby purse holds hat pins. I
dont wear hats but I love it just the same.
There is a dresser doily underneath all of this
stuff. 3 little jewelry boxes stack on top of each
other.  A mirrored jewelry box in front. Old
gloves in a glove box on the left side
The screen was given to me by a friend.
She no longer wanted it. It holds table
cloths and runners and purses. My daughter
Jan cross stitched me the afghan with
roses on it. This screen surely does
hide a big mess. Wanna see!
The inside of the screen holds a cross stitched
table cloth and a beautiful line skirt along with
doilies and such.
Here is the mess that the screen covers. It hides
some of the pillows that go on the bed. I have many
bed quilts on this black stool. This is not even 1/3rd
of bed quilts of what I own and have made thruout
the years.
In front on a white stool did hold these purses until
I put them on the dresser. All of the cotton laces are
in a white wire basket.
The pink flowered wall pictures add to the
shabbiness.They are hard to see when the
pillows are in the way.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my shabby guest
bedroom. I am not a designer as you can see.
Just love my stuff.
Thank you for visiting me!

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hello everyone and welcome
to my blog. Many moons ago
I bought 2 kits from Wal-mart.
A blue one and this pink with
with the chocolate brown. My fav
colors. You know what I really
wanted was the little aprons that
are printed on the inside.
 One day I opened up the little kit and decided
to sew it together. I cut it out, sewed ot together but I did not
like it. It was 100% cotton and I did not expect for
it to stretch. Even thought it was easy and fast,
I had a hard time sewing it together. My machine did
not like it. I do not really like the stretchy things. A
quilter generally likes cotton quilting fabrics.
 A better close-up of the cute little apron.
 My youngest sister Lori liked it and modeled it
for us! Ain't she cute!! She was being playful.
 Lori did a nice job. Hey it looks a little
big on her perhaps I should have sewed
the little apron together and let her model
that!  Hahahahah
Anyway it looks good on her.
 She even modeled the back for us. Hey
Lori it looks great on you! Anyway the
day that she left, it went to her home.
Hey Lori, all the ladies give you a
round of applause for the great job!
Well done!

Thank you for visiting me.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013