Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is this you?

Well - its not me!

I can see why I kept this one.

It was stitched in the early 80's.

In fact I wouldnt mind stitching it

again. The trouble with that is - I

dont know where the pattern skipped off


by Hopblogger

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I cannot remember

the year it was born or the name of this pattern.
It's a Sunbonnet Sue that truly looks dated!
This large piece measures 11 inches wide X
14 inches long. It needs to be taken
out of its wood frame. Even though you cannot
see it - it is bunching up in some parts of it.
by Hopblogger

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another oldie

for you to see. The pattern is Jeremiah Junction.
Stitched in or about 1989. I still love
Jeremiah Junction patterns.
Hope you like it!
by Hopblogger

Friday, March 18, 2011


is over at Marlene's Somerset House (miniature) blog.
In case some of you dont go over to my miniature blog
(it is there where I put the link at).
The giveaway is over on the 28th - only 9 or
10 more days to go.
Here it is this time on the Remake blog.
by Hopblogger

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I don't remember

the year of when I stitched this piece.
I think it was perhaps in the latter part of the 80's
or early 90's. This pattern is by Dale Burdett
of Burdett Publications dated 1984.  It was called Goose in
Patchwork Block. I am not into ducks or oriental scenes
anymore. I am trying to find a use for it. Maybe
a scissors case??
by Hopblogger

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happiness is patterns

I almost forgot to post these patterns.
Sorry aboout that! I have been so busy.
The front pattern shows the yellow
floss on white 14ct aida. All I did was
to reverse the floss & aida colors.
I like the simpleness of it - and I hope
that you do also.

Would love to see some photos or
at least know that you are
stitching them. You dont have to
stitch these patterns into
biscornu's! They would look great
stitched onto boxes or made into
sweet little pillows. Enjoy the patterns!
by Hopblogger

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happiness is..

a new Biscornu & this one is in lemon
yellow & blue. The front says
'Happiness is'. I gave this Biscornu a
a couple of new twists!

As you can see it is white on yellow
aida. But I did not use white
floss - instead I used 2 strands of white
candlewicking yarn. I was wanting
to try something new - so this Biscornu
became fair game. This yarn filled in the
aida cloth very well. It did not give me
anymore trouble to use than regular floss.

The back says 'me, u, us, we. It
is suppose to represent the entire
family - hubby, wife, & children, But
it is can also say my dear hubby, my dear wife,
my loving hubby, my loving wife. In other words
just for you & your dear hubby!

I used little yellow Swarvoski crystals.
You might not can see them but
the crystals do glow & shine.

Try not to mind my messy desk.
It sort of stays that way!

Here is the Biscornu's other
twist. Yes you guessed it - I
placed a magnet on the inside
just to hold a pair of small
embroidery scissors.

See - I am holding up the
biscornu. The scissors stay
onto the pincushion very well.

I hope you can see the words
better on this photo. White floss
on anything of color is hard to see -
but the results can be stunning.
This biscornu can be stitched & put together
in one day - that is if you have the time.
Instead of crystals try using jewelry, buttons,
or tassels to hang from each of those
quirky sides.
I will post the pattern in a few
days. Thanks for stopping by!
by Hopblogger