Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I don't remember

the year of when I stitched this piece.
I think it was perhaps in the latter part of the 80's
or early 90's. This pattern is by Dale Burdett
of Burdett Publications dated 1984.  It was called Goose in
Patchwork Block. I am not into ducks or oriental scenes
anymore. I am trying to find a use for it. Maybe
a scissors case??
by Hopblogger


Marlene said...

What ever you make it into, it's a pretty peice of work, I love it.

La Reyes said...

Muy bonito, felicidades por tu blog,hasta pronto Reyes de BARCELONA

Hopblogger said...

Thank you both for the nice comments. I tried thinking of something to make with it concerning miniatures. But that didnt work. I think the pattern is all wrong for mini's.

diamondc said...

I find this to be a very interesting pattern I like the colors and the framing around the duck.
Nice work