Sunday, July 25, 2010

I have many items to share with you today

Just before I started
all of those pincushions - I had been
cross stitching my brains out. Here are all of the items that
I was able to finish. As you can see I didnt stitch
the snowman exactly like the photo. I added beaded eyes
along with beads for buttons. I messed up on his belt. Its still cute.
I didnt care for the words that came with the Tea ornament as I
dont have any plans to hang it on that little plastic hanger. I might make it
into a scissor fob or something like that. I havent decided yet what
to do with it. Also if you look at the picture it is really busy. Too busy
for me so I changed the colors a little. A neighbor gave
me 'Cowabunga' by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
I will gladly swap that stitched piece if anyone is interested in it.
The basket of strawberries is finally finished. That pattern
was borrowed so if you like it you will have to copy it as you see
it. I cannot remember the name for
the basket of strawberries either . I didnt have the pattern for
'The Old Well' either so
I cannot enter it on this blog. It worked up really quick though - quicker than the
ornaments. The rose is just a rose that I copied from a library book & stitched.
I really like things that are quick & easy. It is then when I feel that I
have accomplished something. UFO's are done! Enjoy
by Hopblogger

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Here are the rest of

the 60 pincushions. I absolutely adore chocolate and cannot have any
of it due to my caffeine allergy. My venture with these pincushions
began when I came across
this Whitman's Sampler Tin. Inside were the chocolate papers. At
first I thought it would be nice to make some little chocolates. But
as you will see none of them turned out like chocolate. However
they do resemble little cupcakes. There are a few chocolate
cupcakes that I did not decorate. A few cupcakes look like their
icing in the middle is oozing out. At least this is what I was aiming
for even though it doesnt resemble it. I think my blanket stitch is getting better.
After I started the first one these little guys it got so addictive that I
couldnt stop making them. I was hoping to use up alot of leftover
laces, ribbons and little odds n ends. That didnt happen. There
is one pincushion that looks like the white didnt go around correctly.
Well I wanted it to look like that. I wanted it to look like I didnt
have enough fondant to cover it. That's one of my fav's. But my
favorite is the little pincushion second to the last. I made it the same
way. This little pincushion is just a little bit bigger than a toothpaste
cap. I would like more of those but I cannot remember where that
cap came from. The last pincushion is suppose to be some striped
candy on top - (from beads). One pincushion sports a little strawberry
on the side. Another pincushion has little pink jewelry beads on top
to resemble rock sugar. I will be making more of these pincushions.
Just be sneaking them in here and there. Really folks - make you
some of these pincushions. You wont be sorry.
by Hopblogger

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It took me 3 weeks to...

make about 60 bottle cap pincushions. They were alot of fun to
make. These were made from different objects. 2 were made
from the bottoms of a tide pen. A few were made from soda pop
caps (I like these the best because they are deeper). Some were made from
shallow plastic water bottle caps. These caps are smaller
than soda pop caps. And then
a couple are made from pill bottle caps. The first picture
shows the first 13 that I made.
The red tall pincushion with the baby blue one
beside it were made from the
bottoms of the tide pens. As you can see my stitches were
not so good. The red one is made from felt while the baby blue
one is made from flannel. I like the softness of the flannel verses
the felt. I like the rounded top of the red felt one but I love the beads
& the flat soft top of the baby blue one.
The pretty pink one with lace around it is one of my favorites.
Its a simple plastic water bottle cap. This one uses fleece. Again
this fabric is so soft. The one beside it is made the same way except
it has the lace sewn on top to give a different effect.
A peek under this pink lace cap shows my way of wrapping
the bottle cap. Its bottom is smooth. The lacy bottlecap
shows the difficulty that I had again while trying to sew the
cap together like the other bottlecaps are made. It just didnt
work for me.
The next 3 uses toile. I thought it would be fun to try & combine
fabric with felt & flannel. They didnt turn out too bad.
You can tell when you turn over the larger toile pincushion
that it is a pill bottle. But its okay its hardly noticeable.
The floral one is not really decorated yet. I cant decide on how to
finish it. In fact nothing has come to mind.
I tried to make a double wedding cake. It uses a soda pop cap for the smaller
cake layer. The black is thin leather strips.
It turned out so pretty!
If you havent done these yet - you should. They are quick & easy.
When I started I was aiming for chocolates. It looks like I missed.
Anyway try it - you'll like it. These little things really are
by Hopblogger


As you can see King Crabs are expensive if more than
one person are eating them. But today it doesnt matter
because it is my birthday meal bought for me
by my daughter Pep. I was born with seafood
already flowing in my veins.
Anyone that has ever went to a restaurant or bought these crabs
to eat at home know that the thorns on them can hurt you.
Dont that crab just look yummy! Look at the close up of those thorns.
Yikes! that hurts!
To start - cook those crabs for at least 30 to 45 minutes.
If you cook them for at least 45 minutes they taste much
better and any crab taste better when cooked this long.
Take a pair of good sharp scissors & cut off one of those long legs.
There I did it. Now it is easier to hold.
Start at one end of the leg & cut with the scissors to the other end.
A little ways away from your first cut - cut again the same way
that you just did. Do this with each piece of the leg.
Now remove the shell piece that you just cut - Voila!
Just lift it up with your fork or knife.
So easy & tasty!
by Hopblogger