Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Hello Everyone!
Hope you all have not been well this winter!
I have lots of different things planned and hope that you
continue to view my blog.  I have one more half-doll
pincushion to show you as soon as I finish her. Then I
will give you patterns and more tutorials.
I looked at Lilly and she seemed to be too plain.
She needed a purse and a hat! I lined both of these
with the same lovely blue rayon as the lining for the gown.
I did not post a tutorial for these. I think that everyone
has their own way of making them. For the hat, I used
about a 2.5 inch cream colored stiff crochet hat. I painted it white
inside and outside and let dry for a couple of days
before I proceeded to line it.
Enjoy the 2 pics that I have here.

Be sure to look at my other half-doll pincushions!
Thank you for visiting me!