Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sewing Cross-stitch

Hello Everyone!
Just thought that I would show
you the Cross stitch that I made
back in Oklahoma. I made this and then gave
it to my sister Susan.
My sister let me take it home to put on my blog.
I took it out of its frame because since
I cannot find the kit ( Most likely I gave the kit away I do that
a lot.) -  I wanted to count the stitches
to make another for myself. However it will be awhile before
I do this. Again I will look for this same kit on eBay.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
When I finish I will put it back in the white frame
and give it back to her.
Hey - I signed this piece C W 94.
This came as a Kit by Barbara L. Waters.
I love her country Sewing kits. Barbara made about
3 of these kits. They were very similar
to each other with just minor differences.
This Kit was 17 inches high X 15 inches wide.
I believe that I have already showed you one of
them that I own.

Thank you for visiting me.