Friday, August 28, 2009


I believe that everyone has to do their part in saving
the planet. There is this really cool website
that shows you how to recycle things from ordinary stuff and how
to make those items useful around the house. To take a look at their
website click on the above word recycling

Friday, August 21, 2009

Here is another pict

I hope that you find this idea useful for storing all of your Needle Book cases.

Have you thought of this.....

So sorry, that the bunny slippers came out a little blurry!

Do you fill a need to REUSE......
then how about reusing this simple office rack! You can leave it as is or
cover it with fabric of your choice.
I will cover it later as of right now I do not know
what I want to do with it or how I want it to look - I just feel the need to use it for something other than its inteded use. Its a great idea to hold
Needle Books. I dont know if anyone has thought about it - to use
it as such - but I have. Only a few needle books do I own & none
of them are fancy. In fact 2 of them are just cards with felt inside. Well
it will make do until I am able to make some pretty
Needle Books.

Oh! How Sweet....

Sorry Folks --- but I have been really busy. Went to Florida
to see my elderly Aunts. We had a great time my sis, our father & me.
But now it is work as usual. I thought that
you would like to see a soft touch! While looking through
an unused sewing box I found a pair of white bunny slippers with droopy ears
however one of those ears was missing & another had been
pulled off. I looked in vain to find the other pink ear but I could
not find it. Somewhere it is here and then when I find it
I will replace both light pink ears with the original ears!
In the meantime, I replaced the 2 ears with a much lighter felt & sewed it on for
my grand daughter Brie - since the bunny slippers belonged to her
doll when she was a toddler.
Brie told me that she wanted me to make them into Pincushions, one for
her and one for me. Oh! how sweet.
And here they are - 2 different pincushions - but somewhat the same.
Cut from the same fabric as the fabric inside of the
soft shoe, are matching loops. I wonder which
pincushion Brie will pick! Please do not mind my hand stitching
as I have not hand stitched anything in eons!

Thursday, August 6, 2009




I could not think of a fancy name for it. My sis Lori
said to call it a Pincushion Caddy -- so I did.
We sure do hope that you like it and that it comes in handy for
all of you crafters!
Should I hang it on the wall
or sit it on my sewing desk - that is the question. If I hang it
on the wall then I am able to hang more pincushions from
the side feet. I just might do that if I need to hang more!
In case you are wondering, the only heart that
I have made is on the top left side. I stitched
that large cream heart from my daughter Jan's
beautiful old sweater over 14 years ago - still have those pearl
buttons somewhere.
All of these hearts came from different places, 2 of
the hearts came from Victoria Secrets.
Two of the hearts on the bottom left
side were made for me from a close friend in Oklahoma when I lived there.
Some of the hearts are sachet holders. All of the hearts
hold pins very well.
This caddy can still hold more Pincushions. Use your imagination
on how you hang them. Hang little ones from the green bars.
Send me some clear photos of yours and I will post them
Hope you enjoy my front views!!