Friday, August 21, 2009

Have you thought of this.....

So sorry, that the bunny slippers came out a little blurry!

Do you fill a need to REUSE......
then how about reusing this simple office rack! You can leave it as is or
cover it with fabric of your choice.
I will cover it later as of right now I do not know
what I want to do with it or how I want it to look - I just feel the need to use it for something other than its inteded use. Its a great idea to hold
Needle Books. I dont know if anyone has thought about it - to use
it as such - but I have. Only a few needle books do I own & none
of them are fancy. In fact 2 of them are just cards with felt inside. Well
it will make do until I am able to make some pretty
Needle Books.

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