Monday, December 21, 2009


I do - I have to cover up because when I am cooking - I wipe my hands
on them just like my grandmothers used to do. Sometimes my cooked
food spits at me & I am glad that it doesnt ruin my clothes underneath. It
doesnt matter to me if the aprons are pretty or not - because I generally
abuse them severly. I wear a clean apron for every mealtime
& afterwards I just throw it in the hamper. I wanted to share with you
this particular apron. It is so simple & quick to make - only requiring a couple
of hours. For starters -
this apron had a prior life as a country dress. A
long thick cotton dress. Yes, it once had
a front & a back. What you see here is the back side with the 2 back pockets
still in tact. I made the front side apron & I gave that one away.
Both aprons have the same blue ties which were made
from one blue pillowcase. I could have put
gathers around the entire apron - but really that was more
work than what I wanted to put into it.
I bought this dress for $4.00 at the thrift store & in turn it gave me 2 aprons.
Wash it well. This fabric is
indestructible - so thick - 2 dollars each is not bad for an apron. You
can make these aprons as fancy as you would like according to the
dress you buy or own. They can be plain & utilitarian.
Forgive me ladies but if you make this apron
be sure to use a dress that is one or two sizes bigger than your body
because you want it to wrap around as much as possible.
This apron is ready for the hamper after a hard work at the stove!
By the way did I forget to mention that this heavy duty apron
washes up nicely!
by Hopblogger


it just happened. I had this pretty little rosy velour christmas
fringed fingertip towel
with an applique of a snowman on it -- SOOOO CUTE.
Simply just outgrew it, besides,
it would look better as a pincushion - YES I SAID
PINCUSHION - just shoot me & get it over with. Just put me out
of my misery......... anyway sorry about these photos. As hard as I tried
I just couldnt get any photos that were clear & sharp.
Dont know what I am doing wrong. Me thinks that me do not know
how to take photos correctly. The front side has the snowman on it,
the back side is just a rose color. A border of 1&1/2 inch wide lace goes
around the entire pincushion hiding the seam. I dont know how I did it,
because I certainly did not plan it - but the pincushion is HUGE. I mean it is
HUGE! If you look at it from the side view it is almost 2 inches high. The
diameter is almost 6 inches across. It held alot of stuffing - & I mean that
I stuffed it alot - so much that in fact I had a hard time sewing the button
on to the front & back. I used a white snowflake button on the snowman
& a pretty pink rose button on the back. The good thing about this pincushion
is that it is reversible. A snowman for christmas - turn it over just a pretty
rose pincushion for the rest of the year. The picts do not show the prettiness of the
pincushion. Later, I might decorate the rose side.
I am really starting to like this huge
pincushion. Velour is so pretty & soft. It has an old victorian look to it. So
take out those fringed fingertip towels from your cabinet & use them in
another way. If I find a red & green plaid that will match that snowmans
hat & scarf - then I am gonna make a matching bag for it. I have decided
that my next pincushion that I show you is going to be MONSTROUS. I
think that I am going to make a pincushion out of Velvet & it just might be
the size of a dinner plate. Why not, I have seen tiny ones. It seems natural
that if you have tiny that you should go in the opposite direction & make
a huge one. I will make it soon & post it & I will let you know how I
feel about it.
by Hopblogger

I really cannot remember

where I found these at or how long that I have held onto them.
I cannot even remember what their original purpose was for??
Have you ever seen any of these before?? Do you know what they
are?? I believe that they once held CD's - or perhaps some kind of a
thin baby book.
Well, whatever their function was before - I know what you can do
with these if you happen to find any of them. Try to find alot of them
if you can because this idea you might really like! Click on the photo to see
the texture a little better. Sorry guys about the photos but it has been hard
to capture the images as they are light colored. As you can see I also had a blue one
that I already cut to pieces. This book or CD case
is sturdy enough & flexible enough to use. Take an empty
plastic floss bobbin & use
it as a pattern - draw around it onto the plastic & cut them out. You can
even cut the slits at the bottom to hold the floss in. Voila - so easy
& you just might be the only ones to possess colored
floss bobbins. Another great idea is to cut a bigger floss bobbin
from the back - put a slit in it & wind your laces or
ribbons around it. I think I will do that since I dont need
anymore floss bobbins. Once I finish this then
I will post you a photo of it. Also do not throw away
any of those little pieces - you could cut out little
stars & use them as buttons. I hope that you can use this idea. Enjoy
this one.
by Hopblogger

Well, I needed something to hold

all of those little thread spools in - and this little pouch just fit the bill perfectly.
I couldnt tell you how long that I held onto this jewelry pouch.
Inside, there are small pockets to hold
your small items. No need to use the pockets - just throw all of your
spools of thread no matter how small or large they are into this cute jewelry
pouch and display it. These little spools come in sewing
kits & they come in handy in your sewing room. You probably cannot
see the ties in which to cinch up the pouch. Do not overlook these
jewelry pouches any longer because they can hold a variety of
things in your sewing room. A great idea is to make a giant
pincushion to fit the inside, then draw the strings closed around it
making sure that you glue it shut. I know - but I just cant
help this obsession that I have with PINCUSHIONS!!
I am really getting out of control.
Anyway I am sorry that the picts are a little blurry,
but you get the idea. I bought everyone of these little
threads of spools (over 50 of them, brand new)
at the neighborhod thrift store for $1.00. They get used
moreso now than before since I have placed them where
I can see them. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
by Hopblogger

Sunday, December 13, 2009


is the name of my book. I wanted to say that
I have some copies left that are for sale that I thought
I would mention on this blog. So far I have not had
a book returned - knock on wood. There is a little bit of
something for everyone in this book & I am not sure who
likes it most - kids or adults.
This book contains stories that rhyme & 2 of my favorites are
"The Coconut Crab" & "The Butterfly's Ball".
Have you ever seen a coconut crab - many people dont know that it does exist!
The crab is the largest that I have ever seen. They are native to
the Caroline Island. Search on the internet - this crab that is
wrapped around a trash can! This is just one of Gods lovely creatures
that lives on the land & not in the sea.
Below is an excerpt from the coconut crab
"Once again he went back into the sea, he went upon many ridges
till he reached a hilly crest
there he broke open a big fat treasure chest!
He pulled out many necklaces many thing that he could haul
he dragged it all behind him with his one big super claw!"
Below is an excerpt from the butterfly's ball.
"Each wore a dress the color of her wings, they had matching hats
& purses, necklaces & rings
Upon their shapely legs they wore silk black web hose
all woven by black widows with black high heels covering their toes."
by Hopblogger

2 cute!

are these little white shelves that my mother gave to me.
Hung on the wall they display a few of my pincushions - even the
can has a blue pincushion in it when you remove
the lid. The scarf hangers below show
some of my ribbons. Take note that the white
ribbons come from department store bags. I could never get used to the idea
of throwing away the ribbon that is used as a handle - just unknot
them. Most of these ribbons come only in
the white color & I look at it as being a FREEBIE for my crafts. Be sure
to double clic on the pict to see it better.
by Hopblogger

Merry Christmas!

Tree Ornaments. Some are elegant, country, christmassy,
or are derived from nature. I have found that those ornaments
that sit on a shelf & are leggy make to be some of the cutest
pincushions ever. Right now there are 2 of those that sit on the top of my
sewing machine ready to do duty - after the holidays away
they will go until next year - or those might find a new home & new
ones will take their place. Some of the best
pincushions can come from those tree ornaments - so start looking
at them in a different light. Be sure to pick those ornaments
that are not too soft & not too hard - pick inbetween.
A woman can never have enough
pincushions - that is if you sew alot. They come in handy when you
velcro it to the side of an ironing board, are close to your sewing
machine & near or on your cutting table. With a little imagination
you can fill up a little basket with these little ornaments & be able to
pick & choose which one you want to stick. These are so cute & they do
bring a smile to your face when you look at them. If you know
someone that loves to sew, a basket of these ornaments
would be so cute
as a gift - just be sure to leave a note inside telling them
what they are used for other than just christmas ornaments.
Many of these can be bought at family dollar stores - for as
little as 50 cents each. Purchase as many as needed for the size of the basket
that you are giving.
by Hopblogger

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

See I have been busy...

I have been making cartonnettes patterns - cutting them
out of heavy cardboard & gluing fabric on them. The largest curvy
cartonnette is 9 inches high & the rectangle cardboard behind it is considerably
larger as you can see. The rectangle is easier & quicker to cover - on this
one I sewed together the fabric, turned it to the right side & just
whip stitched it closed. The
fabric comes from some new napkins that I owned & never used. There
are 4 cartonnettes in each set & it takes 4 napkins for each set.
On the blue checked set I even left the fringe on & closed it
shut with big stitches. Maybe I will add a pretty applique to the
blue checked ones since they are my favorites.
Have fun making your cartonnettes.
by Hopblogger

Plastic Scarf Hangers

People that know me
know that I have a dislike for plastics. Cant stand the stuff!
When it comes in my house generally it goes
right back out by way of donations to thrift
shops or to anyone who wants it.
However once in awhile I keep a piece that is different
& that piece intrigues me as to find a use for it.
While looking through a couple of craft boxes
my eyes spied these 3 little plastic scarf hangers.
With a little imagination
these cute almost 9 inch hangers can be used with your
crafts. For those of you that like your laces or ribbons
where you can see them - try this idea & hang the ribbon hanger
on a hook on the wall or from a shelf. Eventually this one will hang
from a shelf & be filled with many more ribbons.
A close up of the hanger photos show a ridge around the
hanger where you can
apply DMC Number Stickers
to the plastic (where my fingers are holding it) & hang your floss
from it. Keep your eyes open for these
little hangers, maybe your friends have them &
no longer want them, which in that case they will
freely give them to you - or check thrift shops to see if they are
just throwing them in a bin for 5 or 10 cents each. If I find more
of these I will be picking them up - to find other uses for them in
my craft room.
Be sure to leave me a comment & tell me
how you will use your scarf hangers.
By Hopblogger