Monday, December 21, 2009


I do - I have to cover up because when I am cooking - I wipe my hands
on them just like my grandmothers used to do. Sometimes my cooked
food spits at me & I am glad that it doesnt ruin my clothes underneath. It
doesnt matter to me if the aprons are pretty or not - because I generally
abuse them severly. I wear a clean apron for every mealtime
& afterwards I just throw it in the hamper. I wanted to share with you
this particular apron. It is so simple & quick to make - only requiring a couple
of hours. For starters -
this apron had a prior life as a country dress. A
long thick cotton dress. Yes, it once had
a front & a back. What you see here is the back side with the 2 back pockets
still in tact. I made the front side apron & I gave that one away.
Both aprons have the same blue ties which were made
from one blue pillowcase. I could have put
gathers around the entire apron - but really that was more
work than what I wanted to put into it.
I bought this dress for $4.00 at the thrift store & in turn it gave me 2 aprons.
Wash it well. This fabric is
indestructible - so thick - 2 dollars each is not bad for an apron. You
can make these aprons as fancy as you would like according to the
dress you buy or own. They can be plain & utilitarian.
Forgive me ladies but if you make this apron
be sure to use a dress that is one or two sizes bigger than your body
because you want it to wrap around as much as possible.
This apron is ready for the hamper after a hard work at the stove!
By the way did I forget to mention that this heavy duty apron
washes up nicely!
by Hopblogger

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