Monday, December 21, 2009

I really cannot remember

where I found these at or how long that I have held onto them.
I cannot even remember what their original purpose was for??
Have you ever seen any of these before?? Do you know what they
are?? I believe that they once held CD's - or perhaps some kind of a
thin baby book.
Well, whatever their function was before - I know what you can do
with these if you happen to find any of them. Try to find alot of them
if you can because this idea you might really like! Click on the photo to see
the texture a little better. Sorry guys about the photos but it has been hard
to capture the images as they are light colored. As you can see I also had a blue one
that I already cut to pieces. This book or CD case
is sturdy enough & flexible enough to use. Take an empty
plastic floss bobbin & use
it as a pattern - draw around it onto the plastic & cut them out. You can
even cut the slits at the bottom to hold the floss in. Voila - so easy
& you just might be the only ones to possess colored
floss bobbins. Another great idea is to cut a bigger floss bobbin
from the back - put a slit in it & wind your laces or
ribbons around it. I think I will do that since I dont need
anymore floss bobbins. Once I finish this then
I will post you a photo of it. Also do not throw away
any of those little pieces - you could cut out little
stars & use them as buttons. I hope that you can use this idea. Enjoy
this one.
by Hopblogger

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