Monday, December 21, 2009

Well, I needed something to hold

all of those little thread spools in - and this little pouch just fit the bill perfectly.
I couldnt tell you how long that I held onto this jewelry pouch.
Inside, there are small pockets to hold
your small items. No need to use the pockets - just throw all of your
spools of thread no matter how small or large they are into this cute jewelry
pouch and display it. These little spools come in sewing
kits & they come in handy in your sewing room. You probably cannot
see the ties in which to cinch up the pouch. Do not overlook these
jewelry pouches any longer because they can hold a variety of
things in your sewing room. A great idea is to make a giant
pincushion to fit the inside, then draw the strings closed around it
making sure that you glue it shut. I know - but I just cant
help this obsession that I have with PINCUSHIONS!!
I am really getting out of control.
Anyway I am sorry that the picts are a little blurry,
but you get the idea. I bought everyone of these little
threads of spools (over 50 of them, brand new)
at the neighborhod thrift store for $1.00. They get used
moreso now than before since I have placed them where
I can see them. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
by Hopblogger

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