Monday, December 21, 2009


it just happened. I had this pretty little rosy velour christmas
fringed fingertip towel
with an applique of a snowman on it -- SOOOO CUTE.
Simply just outgrew it, besides,
it would look better as a pincushion - YES I SAID
PINCUSHION - just shoot me & get it over with. Just put me out
of my misery......... anyway sorry about these photos. As hard as I tried
I just couldnt get any photos that were clear & sharp.
Dont know what I am doing wrong. Me thinks that me do not know
how to take photos correctly. The front side has the snowman on it,
the back side is just a rose color. A border of 1&1/2 inch wide lace goes
around the entire pincushion hiding the seam. I dont know how I did it,
because I certainly did not plan it - but the pincushion is HUGE. I mean it is
HUGE! If you look at it from the side view it is almost 2 inches high. The
diameter is almost 6 inches across. It held alot of stuffing - & I mean that
I stuffed it alot - so much that in fact I had a hard time sewing the button
on to the front & back. I used a white snowflake button on the snowman
& a pretty pink rose button on the back. The good thing about this pincushion
is that it is reversible. A snowman for christmas - turn it over just a pretty
rose pincushion for the rest of the year. The picts do not show the prettiness of the
pincushion. Later, I might decorate the rose side.
I am really starting to like this huge
pincushion. Velour is so pretty & soft. It has an old victorian look to it. So
take out those fringed fingertip towels from your cabinet & use them in
another way. If I find a red & green plaid that will match that snowmans
hat & scarf - then I am gonna make a matching bag for it. I have decided
that my next pincushion that I show you is going to be MONSTROUS. I
think that I am going to make a pincushion out of Velvet & it just might be
the size of a dinner plate. Why not, I have seen tiny ones. It seems natural
that if you have tiny that you should go in the opposite direction & make
a huge one. I will make it soon & post it & I will let you know how I
feel about it.
by Hopblogger

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Brie said...

That is really cool grandma i am really proud of u and ur blog.

Love u,