Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take an empty unused basket..

and turn it into something useable. Baskets come in
handy for most everything so why not make a little sewing basket. I lost this
little sewing basket once it was finished to my
youngest daughter. She loves the 70's look & wanted it. On the
left is the empty basket with its matching lid - not a spoke
was broken. On the right is the finished basket. I intertwined
pretty wide white lace through the spokes & hot glued it to the inside.
Next, I cut fabric & lined the inside tacking it down with hot glue.
Then, I cut a circle of cardboard, stuffed it, added fabric & glued it to the bottom.
I cut fabric for the inside lid & also glued that in. Then I applied
a yo-yo & sewed on the button. AC Moore had the cutest
little wooden eggs - so I bought a small bag of them. They
make the cutest little egg darners - just the perfect size for this small
basket. The matching pincushion is less than 2 inches in
diameter. That gives you an idea of how small this basket is!
A small matching bag holds a thimble - nothing fancy here.
Needles can be pinned to the little piece of brown felt.
Also on board are 2 small wooden spools, one holds
some little flower lace wrapped around it while the other smaller
spool has chocolate brown candlewicking yarn. The little red
item is a needle threader. The floating piece of flower lace
was attached to my wedding veil 35 years ago - in which now
will be attached to the end of a pair of small scissors. Last of all
is the little angel that watches over my angel. Fixing the
outside of the box was not hard.
It is also another pincushion
designed to hold safety pins or homeless items. To me the outside
looks like a hat but I knew that there would not be any way to downplay
that - that is the reason why I didnt add any ribbons, rosettes or any
yo-yo's to the outside - so I am happy
with the way that it turned out. Hope you get some ideas!
by Hopblogger

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


How do you store your Embroidery Floss, Buttons, Lace &
Ribbons? Do you store them in glass jars, boxes,
dresser drawers & closets. Do you enjoy beauty or
hard working functionality? I happen to like both of
these. Are your collections
small or large? I love all of that stuff & have a hard time deciding
on how to store it. So, it all boils down to display it or not.
Dust - a common allergy dictates most of that decision for me.
Space dictates the other.
Organization is hard in a small space.
Function - I like simple, easy, reusing, remaking it & mixing
it all up. I also like for it to be pretty!
The picts below are only 2 of my flatware chests that I have kept
for many years stored in my attic - not knowing what
I would use them for.
But because they are nice wood - I havent
been so eager to toss them out!
It finally dawned on me what to remake with them
after looking at many of the French blogs concerning
their cardboard boxes - which I find them to be beautifully handmade
with exceptional quality. Oh! how I desire one of them!
I am in love with cloth covered cartonnage - the
french word for cardboard.
Sorry guys - I had already stripped the inside
of the flatware boxes & applied
one coat of white paint on the inside of one of them before I
took these photo's. The other
box will be covered in cloth on the inside.
These boxes would be great for storing
lace & ribbons on cardboard holders which is what the
french call cartonnettes. Have you seen the wood boxes
that hold embroidery floss? They are expensive, beautiful & by me
Well thats exactly what
my 2 flatware boxes are going to hold. They are going to
experience & begin a new life
for holding embroidery floss bobbins! Check out those French
blogs & look at the cardboard dividers they cut from
cardboard & cover with cloth.
One of these boxes will be
going to my daughter. I will post the picts when I am finished.
The only problem - is deciding if I should paint or cloth the outside
of the boxes.....decisions, decisions.
by Hopblogger

Monday, November 2, 2009

E is for.....

Elise, my oldest grandaughter. Only four more left to go!
Click on the link for these beautiful Alphabet patterns.
by Hopblogger