Tuesday, November 3, 2009


How do you store your Embroidery Floss, Buttons, Lace &
Ribbons? Do you store them in glass jars, boxes,
dresser drawers & closets. Do you enjoy beauty or
hard working functionality? I happen to like both of
these. Are your collections
small or large? I love all of that stuff & have a hard time deciding
on how to store it. So, it all boils down to display it or not.
Dust - a common allergy dictates most of that decision for me.
Space dictates the other.
Organization is hard in a small space.
Function - I like simple, easy, reusing, remaking it & mixing
it all up. I also like for it to be pretty!
The picts below are only 2 of my flatware chests that I have kept
for many years stored in my attic - not knowing what
I would use them for.
But because they are nice wood - I havent
been so eager to toss them out!
It finally dawned on me what to remake with them
after looking at many of the French blogs concerning
their cardboard boxes - which I find them to be beautifully handmade
with exceptional quality. Oh! how I desire one of them!
I am in love with cloth covered cartonnage - the
french word for cardboard.
Sorry guys - I had already stripped the inside
of the flatware boxes & applied
one coat of white paint on the inside of one of them before I
took these photo's. The other
box will be covered in cloth on the inside.
These boxes would be great for storing
lace & ribbons on cardboard holders which is what the
french call cartonnettes. Have you seen the wood boxes
that hold embroidery floss? They are expensive, beautiful & by me
Well thats exactly what
my 2 flatware boxes are going to hold. They are going to
experience & begin a new life
for holding embroidery floss bobbins! Check out those French
blogs & look at the cardboard dividers they cut from
cardboard & cover with cloth.
One of these boxes will be
going to my daughter. I will post the picts when I am finished.
The only problem - is deciding if I should paint or cloth the outside
of the boxes.....decisions, decisions.
by Hopblogger

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That is a good idea.