Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From Potholders into Sewing Scissors holder

Hello Everyone!
I have been busy but I came across these
2 potholders at a thrift store. These
potholders are the kind that children/adults
used to make on their small looms.
Do you remember them? Perhaps you have made
some of these.
This potholder was made from those stretchy rubber
band type thing-a-ma-jigs on a small loom.
I decorated this sewing case with a small orange
button. Maybe it could be used with my
Halloween stuff!
Do not pass up these type of potholders. They can
be used also.
Here are 2 potholders. As of yet I have not made
the potholder on the left. Although that potholder
has a minor flaw - it does not matter. Always turn
the flawed side to the inside and sew down like I
show you with a needle and matching thread.
Directions are the same as with the other potholders
that I have made.
When you have sewed down the inside, then fold
over the right side and stitch it down. This little
sewing case holds a small pair of scissors.
Thank you for visiting me. Have a nice evening!