Sunday, October 25, 2009

For a couple of weeks,

I have been meaning to introduce you to 2 of my
favorite Halloween pals. Some time ago I acquired them & gave them names.
Come on say hello to Flirty Frank (on the left)
& his ONLY friend Scary Sam. Together they make a pair!
They are both more orangey than what they appear
in the photo's. No matter what I tried I couldn't seem
to get a good pict of them both. Flirty Frank is a pillow but is firm
enough for pins to be stuck into him. Look at his mug - how
could you not adore him! When I was given
Scary Sam - he was hooked onto a basket. He didnt
like it there so I yanked him off! I dont know
what scary sam is stuffed with - but it is extra firm & is not
poly-fill. I think that I like them
both as pincushions. To stay around my house they need a job!
from Hopblogger


when you are busy - sorry guys I didnt realize that it
had been so long between posts. I have been working on my
next projects - I will show them to you once I have finished it.
In the meantime I wanted to post
my Poms online & to show you the newest member of our
clan. Please welcome Kane - our little 1&1/8th pound puppy. He is so
adorable & loving! At night Kane sleeps in a
crate next to my side of the bed. The little darling
doesnt mess up his crate at all. Potty training is going really well!

Meet Kane

Meet A Wee Bit of Curry, called Curry. He loves to have his photo taken.

Meet Pretty Irrational called Ira. Ira is always camera shy.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yes, this is it - my workstation. My husband is
working on building me a work table & attaching it to the
computer station that he built for us. Plan to skirt the table
when it is finished.
I will show you picts when it is
all done - but what I want to know is - have
you seen it on my desk yet! Yes, of course you see it - but just
in case you havent because your eyes cannot
move away from my clutter -- I am talking
about the wood cup holder - well no longer is it a
cup holder - WOILA - it is a scissor holder! Small to medium
sizes will hang from the lower handles.
My scissors need fobs. Maybe I will attach a pretty
pincushion or strawberry pincushions to the top
of this cup/scissors holder.
Do you
think that you could use this idea. It could be painted,
decoupaged or left as is for you to enjoy next to your cutting
mat. Be sure to click on each pict for a larger view.
from Hopblogger