Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hello all of you cross-stitchers in
Welcome to my blog.
This year I started earlier than usual, so I hope
that you like my 2 new Halloween pieces.
Take your pick. Either do one of them or
both of them.
This first one is called PUMPKIN PATCH. I
used 14ct Aida. You can use whatever you wish.
This one has an orange and green frame around it.
Pumpkin Patch has 6 witch pumpkins in the green
Grid Size: 100wX100h
Design Area: 6.43inches X 3.86inches
Stitches: 90X54
The second one is called WITCH-KINS. There is
not a frame around this piece. Witch-Kins has 7
pumpkin witches.
I have not stitched this one yet.
Grid Size: 100wX100h
Design Area: 5.14inches X 4.14inches
Stitches: 72X58
Please adjust your fabric sizes. And always cut
your fabric bigger.
Thank you for visiting me.