Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dining Room gone!

My DINING ROOM is a thing of the
past! We got a new fan
to go into the former living room. The fan
that you see in this posting came from that
room. Beck took the chandelier down
in the dining room (or green room as I
call it), and put the fan up.
He had to install a
new switch because the former
switch was only geared to the
It does not take long before your
house becomes dated. Stuck in a time
warp or a worm hole.
I did not want lights on this fan in this room. Maybe later but
I do not want the lights to glare on the television. So
we will see how it goes.
Thank you for visiting me!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Everyone!
I hope that you all had a very nice
I am sure that all of the little
witches, ghosts and goblins got
their fill of candy.
Yum, yum.
You know - you have to be able to
live in your home. My home is little
and we like it. We do not want or need
to move. A home has to grow and
change with you because after all that
is what you do. Every year you change.
Your clothes change. Your habits change.
Your food changes - so why not your
home! Make it work for you.
Everyone has seen my dining room.
And you know that my rooms change LOTS
Well it is getting ready to
change again and this time it will be all my rooms
except for the master bedroom and bathrooms.
I cannot move my kitchen, if I could I would.
I need space and this time many of my rooms
are going to get an over-haul!!
I hope that you are here to witness the transformation.
They will be simple but I hope to clear out
the clutter or at least manage it.
Can you manage clutter?
Is there such a thing?
I do not know but I guess I am going to
find out or I am going to get rid of some
more things.
Just before I got sick with that virus that is going around
I told my hubby what I was planning on doing. He liked
the idea and he began taking measurements.
So therefore our plan has already begun and been in
effect now for about 2 months.
My nice dining room is getting ready to become
my new living room! My hubby has already installed
a jack for the TV.  So that part is done.
The green will stay on the walls. My curtains will
stay also.
Whereas this room has always had
plenty of light coming in, just the opposite will
happen now. I made white linen shades to go behind
my cotton lace curtains.
To get a good photo - I have had
to turn the lights on!
It did not take me long to
make the shades because they will never be opened. This
room is in the front of the house and I needed
privacy so we could sit in here at night. I really
do not like blinds. They get dusty quickly.
With my allergy's, I am not even suppose to
have curtains or cloth furniture, but I cannot
live in a bubble either. So I deal with all
of it.
I wish that I had photos to show you of when
I was making the shades, but somehow
I forgot to take the pixs. However
the shades were super easy to make so
I will tell you how I made them.
I measured the windows and as you can see this is
a bay window. The side windows are much smaller
than the middle part of the window.
I will talk about the middle panel and you will
know how to do the side shades if you wish to
make these.
I measured my fabric the width and length needed and added
4 extra inches to the sides, tops and bottoms to allow for
hems and any mistakes. Each shade is 2 pieces, one for
the back and one for the front. I cut out my size needed.
And I sewed the front & back together like a giant pillowcase.
Left open one end. Turned the fabric right sides out.
Pressed the seams - yea with an iron!
We took down the valance and I cleaned the glass
We took the shade and tacked it over the wood molding
with tiny nails. I did not even hem it!
We just let the shade hang down.
Then we replaced the valance up on top. You cannot
see how the shades are attached unless you go look.
Which I doubt if anyone does.
Each shade only took about 15 minutes to complete.
They have no ribbons or anything to raise them. And
if I do decide later that I want to raise them. Then I
will add ribbons to roll them up. But for now this is
what was needed.
A privacy window!
My hubby got a pinched nerve and it set us back
about a week. This table and chairs will be moved
out of here. The chandelier will come down soon I
hope! In its place will be a ceiling fan. Then I
will clean up the room and we will move in our
living room furniture. I am hoping that this
will only take us about a couple of weekends.
Then I will post more pictures of the room.
Thank you for visiting me. Come again soon!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Cute Dresses!

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to show you
some of the cutest little prairie wear
dresses that I got from Marsha.
They came from
Prairie Dusters Trading Post
off of ebay! You should go look.
I found it hard to choose which
ones to get. I hope you like my
Aren't they just the sweetest little
dresses you ever saw! It was a pleasure
to see how cute the dresses were wrapped.
You know a witch has to have clothes!!!
I know that I am late
to post it up for Halloween but I had to find
them a place to hang. They probably will not hang
here too long as I am moving my sewing area.
In the middle, is the witch black dress with the
little hat. It has stars and a moon! The
flowered dress and hat to the far left is also for a witch.
This dress is for when a witch needs to go to the garden.
Here is a better view of the witch hats. Sorry about
how they are hanging. I think that I need to stuff them
and then re-hang them.
The dress and hat that is in red is just a normal
dress for a witch so no one suspects her. The same thing
with the blue outfit. Both of these dresses have
mobcaps! I think that I should stuff these hats also.
Don't you agree on how cute these are.
Each dress hangs on its own wood hanger. I should
have photographed it but I forgot. Sorry.
Marsha has a good imagination!
HEY, I think that a witch needs some nite clothes!
Thanks for visiting me!