Friday, November 1, 2013

Cute Dresses!

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to show you
some of the cutest little prairie wear
dresses that I got from Marsha.
They came from
Prairie Dusters Trading Post
off of ebay! You should go look.
I found it hard to choose which
ones to get. I hope you like my
Aren't they just the sweetest little
dresses you ever saw! It was a pleasure
to see how cute the dresses were wrapped.
You know a witch has to have clothes!!!
I know that I am late
to post it up for Halloween but I had to find
them a place to hang. They probably will not hang
here too long as I am moving my sewing area.
In the middle, is the witch black dress with the
little hat. It has stars and a moon! The
flowered dress and hat to the far left is also for a witch.
This dress is for when a witch needs to go to the garden.
Here is a better view of the witch hats. Sorry about
how they are hanging. I think that I need to stuff them
and then re-hang them.
The dress and hat that is in red is just a normal
dress for a witch so no one suspects her. The same thing
with the blue outfit. Both of these dresses have
mobcaps! I think that I should stuff these hats also.
Don't you agree on how cute these are.
Each dress hangs on its own wood hanger. I should
have photographed it but I forgot. Sorry.
Marsha has a good imagination!
HEY, I think that a witch needs some nite clothes!
Thanks for visiting me!


diamondc said...

Conny: These are so sweet, I love anything halloween and these hit the mark.

Marsha Asbury said...

Thanks for all the kind words Conny what a wonderful post. It is my daughter Karen who shares her creative mind and keeps me going and enthusiastic about sewing. I welcome anyone who wishes to visit my prairie_dusters_trading_post on ebay. At this time I don't have a blog spot to go to. I am getting a page up on facebook for prairie dusters trading post if anyone would like to join me there. Make the day yours - Mine are always sew sew (smiles)