Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Okay - where do I start.
First let me say that I realize that some of the
photo's could be blurry - sorry about that. My eyesight has gotten
so bad that in order to see the monitor I was having to have
my eyes literally just a few inches away from it. My eyes
have gotten so bad that I am having surgery next
month. To be brief - I have worn glasses since the 3rd grade. 
I am so excited about this surgery!
Because after next month - NO MORE GLASSES!!
The left eye will be done first and then 2 weeks later the right
The doctor seems to think that after this surgery that
it will correct my glaucoma issue. I hope that it is so.
So this is my last posting on this blog until next month.

Anyway the patterns for this biscornu and the side of the
yellow bucket will be posted when I return.
Everything below on this posting will be given for the giveaway.
This biscornu is hard to name. so its name is simply 'BEES'.
What you see below is
the front.  It has green tufts of grass, 4 cute bees and
blue flowers in different sizes. I wanted the flowers
to look strewn across or like they were blowing.
Flowers come in different sizes and shapes.
The sunflower button in the middle is little. As always
I am doing something different and this biscornu is no
different. This is the first one that I have ever stuffed with
cotton! So this biscornu is not as crisp as my other ones.
However I stuffed it until I couldnt get another piece of
cotton in there!
 This is the back. I hope that you like it. Again some of these
flowers are different than others. It is intentional.
The little black & yellow bee is a cute button.
 Here is one of the sides.
 Again - another side.
 Here is the top of the yellow bucket. The fabric is
a pretty pink color with a touch of green and blue.
 There are 3 black button bees that have been randomly sewn
around the checked fabric. Below I have hand-sewn a wide
strip of white aida cloth onto the yellow - but not before
I cross stitched on it. There are a total of 4 bees on that strip.
 I hope this photo is clear. The green tufts represent
grass. Different flowers as usual are stitched all around.
 2 bees are turned to the left and 2 bees turn to the right.
 Here is the inside of the empty bucket.
 Abracadabra - here is what is coming out.
 First is the chatelaine. The large bee that you see
is a needleminder. You can detach it and place it on
your project when needed or store it here for safe
keeping. This way you always know where its at.
There is a large sunflower on one side towards the
bottom and on the other side there is a black bee
button. The little ring is to hold your scissors.
Now the pincushion is of black toile. The other side
reverses to 14ct white aida cloth. The black button
bee is just held in place with a pin.  So you can move
it somewhere else if you like. The white ribbon is
perfect for displaying your charms.
 The front of the needlebook shows another little
button bee. Its a large sunflower!
 I am sorry - I have just realized that you cannot see
the black bee! However it is the same cross stitched
black bee that is on the biscornu. Whenever I give
away anything I make - I always give the needle
that I was using with it.
 Here is a little cloth bag with the colors that I
used on all of the projects. And of course it is
accompanied with a little button bee!

1. You have to be - or become a follower in order
to participate.
2. EVERYONE must leave a comment so I
know that you are interested in these items. 


Hugs & kisses from Conny

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look at what Catherine sent me

Sometimes it is hard to remember what you
send someone especially if you forget to take
a few pictures of it. I sent her about 60 leaflets
and look what she sent me!
A beautiful needleroll. Blue is one of my favorite
colors. She stitched it on linen. I am unable to stitch on
linen. It is so lovely.
 It says 'Forget me not'.  This has to be
the most prettiest thing that has ever
been sent to me.
 I am still speechless!
 She also sent me a small box with a beaded piece
that she stitched.  I have to find something cutsy to
go inside.
 This is the side of the little box. Isnt it cute.
 Even though I do not wear hi-heels any longer. I still
like them. This one is crocheted and glittery. I know the
glitter is hard to see.  I will have to look for fabric to
make this into a sweet pincushion.
 These christmas books are just swell. There are so
many projects in here to do. It is hard for me pick
which one to do first - help I need 5 arms!!
With all of them cross-stitching a project.
 I believe my friend sent me back 60 leaflets. And I love
Paula Vaughan's patterns. It is nice to exchange patterns
because sometimes there could be some patterns that
you have never seen before. There are many of them
here that are new to me.
Catherine sent me loads of aida cloth. The pink & the
blue are so pretty. I have to get stitching!
Thank you so much Catherine. I love everything that
you sent me!
by Hopblogger

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blogger is bad again

First let me welcome all to my
remake blog. I hope that this blog
can inspire you to reuse items that you
already own. Or use one of my inspirations.
My blogger has once again lost my followers.
Just as soon as I can see you then I will become
your follower also. If you havent done so already
please put your link or blog on your profile so I can
see it. If you need directions look under the label 
'Information'. Those directions will tell you how to
fix that.  Thank  you for your patience!
by Hopblogger 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well - what can I say. It took me long enough! Its
such a cute pattern. If I had the chance to stitch it
again - I would definitely choose a white or cream
aida or a beautiful linen. That way the
colors would POP!
The finished project doesnt look as bright as the pattern.
This mice pattern is definitely worth stitching!
I hope that you had a wonderful 4th of July!!
by Hopblogger

Friday, July 1, 2011

Today was my BIRTHDAY!!

I can not tell you how old I was.
Because I forgot.
Today was a very good day! It started off
very nicely and ended very good. This morning -  I
had so many emails and phone calls. In which
all of them wished me a 'happy birthday'.
Many hugs and kisses to all of them.
The morning was spent hanging out with friends
and my daughters. We all had fun eating at Daniels.
Well - lets just say that - my daughters and I ate salads.
My friends ate whatever they wanted. Sometimes being
a celiac can be a bummer - but none of us let it stop us
from having a good time. Afterwards we went back to
my daughters house. She had baked me a gluten-free chocolate
cake. Yum,yum - it sure tasted good! Then my daughter gave me
this cross stitch. It sure was a surprise!
I love Paula Vaughan's work. Since I am a quilter - all of
the quilt scenes (even though they look country) just grab
my heart. The title of this piece is called Summers Remembered.
Leaflet #392. Sorry the photo is not super-clear.
Afterwards we had a great time shopping! When I got
home my dear hubby had dinner made. He cooked up a
gluten-free Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots.
We ate it all!
by Hopblogger 

I have been

collecting 'The Spirit of Christmas'
books for a long time now. Exactly how many
of these books were made - beats me!
Am lacking only these 4 - that is
if the set ends at 20.
They are:
#'s 14, 17, 19 and 20.
I would be willing to trade something
with anyone - if the books are in very good
Happy 4th of July!!
by Hopblogger

One of my

beautiful followers asked if she
could translate one of my postings
concerning 'putting your blog names or
links on your photo in someone else's blog'.
I sure did not mind that at all. I have been
having trouble posting it - so I hope that
this works.
Thank you Rosamargarita!
Another one of my followers has told me that
she found out that if you add the link to just
one blog that it changes all of them!
That did not happen to me. I had to do all of
them. So that is why I had to remove myself from
their blogs and then put myself back on.
Anyway - whichever one works for you is great!
Here is the translation.
by Hopblogger

Si necesitas poner  el NOMBRE DE TU BLOG o ENLACE en la foto que se muestra en el blog de otras personas… Sabes cómo hacerlo?
Aquí algunas instrucciones 
1.     Inicia sesión en tu blog (acceder)
2.     Una vez que ingresas estarás en el “escritorio” 
3.     Una vez que ingresas estarás en el “escritorio”
Ver perfil
Editar perfil
Editar foto
Editar notificaciones
4.     Da click en EDITAR PERFIL
Aparecerá lo siguiente:
Editar perfil de usuario
Compartir mi perfil
Mostrar mi dirección de correo electrónico
Mostrar mis blogs               Selecciona los blogs que deseas mostrar
5.     Da un click en “Selecciona los blogs que deseas mostrar”
6.     Se mostrarán en una nueva ventana, los blogs que administras, escoge la casilla de verificación de los blogs que deseas que aparezcan cuando den click a tu foto en otros blogs.
7.     Da un click a  GUARDAR CONFIGURACIÓN
Ahora todos los blogs que sigas en adelante, se actualizarán, cuando te hagas seguidor de un blog asegúrate de revisar en tu foto que el nombre de tu blog o enlace se incluya.
Pero aún no hemos terminado. Todos los blogs que sigues hasta este momento y que no tienen el enlace a tu blog, deben ser actualizados MANUALMENTE. Si quieres que tu enlace al bog aparezca en los blogs que sigues hasta ahora… Tienes trabajo que hacer!
Esto es lo que debes hacer:
Para que todos puedan ver el enlace a tu blog en tu fotografía, debes “dejar de seguir”  cada uno de los blogs en los que participaste anteriormente y nuevamente hacerte seguido