Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Okay - where do I start.
First let me say that I realize that some of the
photo's could be blurry - sorry about that. My eyesight has gotten
so bad that in order to see the monitor I was having to have
my eyes literally just a few inches away from it. My eyes
have gotten so bad that I am having surgery next
month. To be brief - I have worn glasses since the 3rd grade. 
I am so excited about this surgery!
Because after next month - NO MORE GLASSES!!
The left eye will be done first and then 2 weeks later the right
The doctor seems to think that after this surgery that
it will correct my glaucoma issue. I hope that it is so.
So this is my last posting on this blog until next month.

Anyway the patterns for this biscornu and the side of the
yellow bucket will be posted when I return.
Everything below on this posting will be given for the giveaway.
This biscornu is hard to name. so its name is simply 'BEES'.
What you see below is
the front.  It has green tufts of grass, 4 cute bees and
blue flowers in different sizes. I wanted the flowers
to look strewn across or like they were blowing.
Flowers come in different sizes and shapes.
The sunflower button in the middle is little. As always
I am doing something different and this biscornu is no
different. This is the first one that I have ever stuffed with
cotton! So this biscornu is not as crisp as my other ones.
However I stuffed it until I couldnt get another piece of
cotton in there!
 This is the back. I hope that you like it. Again some of these
flowers are different than others. It is intentional.
The little black & yellow bee is a cute button.
 Here is one of the sides.
 Again - another side.
 Here is the top of the yellow bucket. The fabric is
a pretty pink color with a touch of green and blue.
 There are 3 black button bees that have been randomly sewn
around the checked fabric. Below I have hand-sewn a wide
strip of white aida cloth onto the yellow - but not before
I cross stitched on it. There are a total of 4 bees on that strip.
 I hope this photo is clear. The green tufts represent
grass. Different flowers as usual are stitched all around.
 2 bees are turned to the left and 2 bees turn to the right.
 Here is the inside of the empty bucket.
 Abracadabra - here is what is coming out.
 First is the chatelaine. The large bee that you see
is a needleminder. You can detach it and place it on
your project when needed or store it here for safe
keeping. This way you always know where its at.
There is a large sunflower on one side towards the
bottom and on the other side there is a black bee
button. The little ring is to hold your scissors.
Now the pincushion is of black toile. The other side
reverses to 14ct white aida cloth. The black button
bee is just held in place with a pin.  So you can move
it somewhere else if you like. The white ribbon is
perfect for displaying your charms.
 The front of the needlebook shows another little
button bee. Its a large sunflower!
 I am sorry - I have just realized that you cannot see
the black bee! However it is the same cross stitched
black bee that is on the biscornu. Whenever I give
away anything I make - I always give the needle
that I was using with it.
 Here is a little cloth bag with the colors that I
used on all of the projects. And of course it is
accompanied with a little button bee!

1. You have to be - or become a follower in order
to participate.
2. EVERYONE must leave a comment so I
know that you are interested in these items. 


Hugs & kisses from Conny


солнУшко said...

Hello, Conny! I just want to show you something here Thank you! I like it so much!

Sharon said...

I would love to be entered into your giveaway! I live in the UK though, so will quite understand if it's open to US followers only :-)

Tatkis said...

Hello darling,
Great news about your surgery - it's really nice not even think about glasses any more!

Your giveaway is lovely, as usual - please, count me in! Love your bees :)


Froggy said...

Greetings from Ireland!
Thanks for such lovely Giveaway!
Would love to participate and really hoping to win!


Marlene said...

Please add me to your great giveaway, ps I love your new picture at the top of your blog


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Conny , que luxo de trabalho, cada detalhe mais lindo que o outro , adoraria ganhar um presente assim.

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Conny , que luxo de trabalho, cada detalhe mais lindo que o outro , adoraria ganhar um presente assim.

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Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine,
The linen fabric that you used is such a pretty color. You did a wonderful job with my biscornu pattern.
I love your buttons and the pink charms for the tail. They complement each other.
Thank you for letting me see one of my patterns being used.
Many hugs & kisses, conny

Rosamargarita said...

Que maravilloso sorteo Connie!
I want win!!!
Quiero ganar!
Un abrazo

Stephie said...

I absolutely love your blog and have stitched a few of your freebie designs :) I would love to be in with an entry (I'm from the UK though and will understand if its only open to US followers).

P.s. Good Luck with your surgery, I hope all goes well. xXx

stephrogers85 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Beca said...

Hi Conny, I absolutely love your bees and everything else for that matter. I want to enter into your giveaway!! Keep up the good work and good luck on your surgery, let me know how it turns out!!

Anonymous said...

I noticed your blog very recently only and following you now. Your works are simply super. Keep Going....

I am interested in your give away. Count me in.

Judi said...

Oh yay! I just followed you! And Yay! on your surgery.. not that I wish surgery on anyone for any reason, but a necessary evil, I suppose (and eyes are a good reason to have it done!).

I was looking at your profile (trying to figure out how to "friend" you) and noticed you live in NC... You'll never guess where we're looking to move in a few months! We were looking at Charlotte area, but maybe Rock Hill area (SC). How cool!

Ascension said...

Conny, no sabia que tenias este blog.
Me encanta el regalo del sorteo, me encantaria participar si no te importa.
besitos ascension

diamondc said...

I would love to be included in your givaway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Conny, very nice work and a great giveaway ~ count me in!


Craftland said...

Hello Conny, I haven't seen your giveaway. It's wonderful please count me in. Hugs from Craftland

Ana said...

Hola Conny, es bellísimo lo que sorteas, espero estar a tiempo para participar...besos, Ana (mucuy)

carmen said...

soy tu seguidora y crei haberme apuntado al sorteo, llego a tiempo?

Jutka said...

I would love to be included in your givaway.