Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bees Patterns

I n a few days I will be seeing who won on the giveaway.
Just be patient with me - my eyes are blurry.
Here are the Bee Patterns.
I give to you first the back pattern.
This is the front pattern.
 For the sides of the bucket - I have numbered them.
This is Strip 1
 Strip 2
 Strip 3
 Strip 4 - just connect the pieces together if you are
making a long strip.
For the needlebook just stitch one or more of the bees. Use the
flowers and grass if you want to. Stitch this on to aida cloth
or linen or dont. The choice is yours on how you make it.
 I used a sunflower which was a coaster. You know
those things that you use under cups and glasses to protect
your furniture.
For the chatalaine take a strip of ribbon not to wide and
not to thin. I use about 30 inches in length. Stitch together
a little pincushion from felt and be sure to sew a ribbon in it.
Hem up one end of the ribbon but be sure to put the felt
pincushion ribbon inside before stitching it down. Go to the
other end of the chatalaine here you can either add one of those
key rings or use ribbon. This is to attach your scissors.
Fancy these up anyway that you like and be sure to add
charms on your chatalaines.
Have fun - conny


Rosamargarita said...

Ö Muchas gracias por los patrones, eres muy generosa.
Espero tu ojos se estén recuperando.

diamondc said...

Connie: I think the pattern is adorable I plan on making one this week-end I will post pictures on sunday or monday, I have been very busy at work so not much stitching going on I took today off to clean and stitch.

Tatkis said...

I'm so happy to see your post, Connie!
The pattern is adorable! Thank you very much!