Saturday, September 17, 2011

A small halloween biscornu or scissor fobs

I am still unable to cross stitch.  So I
have not tested these patterns.
Here are 3
halloween patterns that are meant to be
used as a small biscornu or scissor fobs.
Use any 2 of them together to make a front
and a back.
Ghost Boo is either stitched on 14ct black aida or
linen - or you can use 14ct white aida and stitch
with black 310 DMC floss. I drew in a ghost
figure however I will be substituting it for a ghost button .
If you decide to use a button instead of this ghost
then be sure to mark the center of the aida fabric
with an x so you know where to put the button.
The same goes for the pumpkin and the spider patterns.
 I will also be substituting the pumpkin for a
pumpkin button
 the Spider will also be sutstituted with a button
but the spider web will remain.
These patterns are 30x30.
As you can see they are
not all that big.
Also I want to say that I have never included
directions on this blog on how to make a biscornu.
The reason is because there are so many
directions out there on the subject that I felt that
there was not any reason to duplicate any of it.
On my biscornu patterns the outer stitch that you
see is the stitch that connects front and back together.
That stitch is a running stitch - not a cross stitch.
I hope you enjoy these patterns.

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