Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kitchen Witch Doll

How could you not love her face!
There are many
Kitchen Witch dolls on the internet. Some of them
fetch a very nice price.  A few of these dolls are really
ugly - but the uglier the better in my opinion. Alot of
the dolls are really cute. Its your preference.
A 'Kitchen Witch doll' hangs
in front of your kitchen window. It is suppose to bring
you good luck. And in these hard times - everyone needs
some good luck!  Take a look on the internet and read
the poems about these dolls.
Now - you may think that
a witch doll is not a good thing - but actually these are!
How about making a go of
it and make your own. I have a few kitchen witch
patterns but instead of sewing any of them -
I opted for making a porcelain one!  No - I didnt make
her. This is a remake blog. I used a doll that I already
owned. Most everyone has a porcelain doll in their home
that they no longer like before they have outgrown the style.
Since I am not selling her then I am not violating any copywrite laws.
All of these kitchen witch dolls that I will be making will be
given away. Witch Faye had to be
propped up on my bed pillow to get a get photo.
Now - I have not seen any full-bodied Porcelain
witch dolls. This is my idea as far as I can see. For many
months, (I am slow), I have been working on 'Witch Faye'.
Yes - I do name any doll that I make.
Witch Faye is not finished.
I still have to make her
shoes/boots, her broom and a string to hang her.
I'm afraid that my camera is not showing
Witch Faye at her best. She has very black hair, I
have painted her lips black.
 Witch Faye is a young witch. I love her leopard
bloomers that are edged with pink lace. Her purse
needs some bling and as of yet I am not sure how
I am going to spruce it up.
 I even painted her nails black. On this]
hand I intend on giving her a couple of
rings, maybe pearls or perhaps diamonds.
Its according on what I am able to find.
 This is Witch Faye's backside. Her bent
hat apparently is my trademark. For me -
on my dolls it seems that the bent hats work
the best. Those that have seen my witch dolls
Permelia and Sophilya on my miniature blogs
have seen their hats. Like I have said before -
I am unable to do ugly or pretty - so I have to
be inbetween those two. The leopard bow and
ruffle matches with the bloomers.
 I love this cape with its ruffle! It is so glittery.
 Here is another photo of Faye's hat. The leopard
ruffle is so cute. A clip-on pink cameo earring hangs from
her hat. I have tried several times to
get a good photo of the pink cameo but to no avail.
I love the way that
her hat is more towards the back of her head instead
of on top like all of the other witch dolls that I have seen.
I like things that I make to be different.
 A close-up of her hat.
by Hopblogger

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you need to put

your BLOG NAMES OR LINKS on your
photo that is located on someone else's blog.
Do you know how to do that.
Well here are some step by step directions.

1. Sign in to your blog.
2. Once you sign in - you are at the Dashboard.
3. Scroll down towards the bottom. You should
see the word 'MANAGE'. This word is in the color blue.
4. Click on the word 'MANAGE'.
5. A new screen will pop up.  You should see your
6. To the right side of your photo you should see the
words 'ADD LINK'
7. Click on 'ADD LINK'. A little screen appears.
8. Type in your blog address where it says 'URL'
OR 'http'.
9. When finished typing - then click on the word 'ADD'.
10. You should see your 'B' symbol - that means
your blog was added.
11. For each blog that you want to show - then you
must type it in and then click on the word 'ADD'.
After each blog address that you add - you will also
see that 'B' symbol. It indicates how many blog names
that you have added.

Now - all of the new blogs that you want to
follow - should be updated. When you become a follower
to a new blog be sure to check your photo to
make sure that your blog name or links are there.
You are not finished yet.  All of those blogs that you
are presently following - that do not have your blog names
or links on them - each will have to be 'MANUALLY' updated.
If you want those blog names or links on those blogs to appear.
Now comes the work! This is what you must do.
In order for someone to see your blog name or link - then
you must delete yourself from their blog. Then go back to
their blog and become a new follower. On their blog - click
on your photo to make sure that your blog names or links
are there.  If you see them - then you have done the steps
correctly. If you do not see them - then you have done
something wrong. Go back and try again.  
In order for you to see my blog names - I had to use these
same directions. It took me quite a few days to do both of
my blogs.
I hope that you can understand my directions.
Good luck!
by Hopblogger

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just saying Hello

and welcome! I know that I am somewhat late
in this but its better to be late - than never.
I am a celiac and so - I do forget alot of things.
Even though I do not mean to. So let me give
you all a nice big and friendly 'WELCOME''
to my blog.
Also I want to say that it was brought to my
attention that my blogs were not listed on my profile
on your blogs. I thought that it was. And so now I am
in the process of remedying that misfortune. 
last time I said that I could not see some of your
blogs - gracefully some of you commented and gave
to me your blog addresses.
Thank you so much!

Now - there are still some followers whose blogs I cannot
find. I have listed your names so please let me
know your blog addresses so I can become your
Nellie B's
elinas Holiday
Terri Patterson
Reyes Prats
Thank you all for your lovely comments that
you leave me! They are very much appreciated.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just wanted to tell you

not to overlook or readily dismiss some items. I made
these scissor cases from some of the most unlikely
sources. Although the 'potholders' make large cases
to hold your scissors or your rotary cutter - you might be
lucky to find a very small potholder to hold small
scissors. The idea for these scissor cases surprised me.
 Take a look at your towels - thats right. They are
right under your nose. I have 2 hand towels and one
wash cloth. The little 4-patch on the wash cloth was
4.5 inches square. It was just perfect for a case for
my small embroidery scissors.
The other 2 hand towels 4-patch were 5.5
inches square. It holds scissors that were a little
bit larger than my small embroidery scissors.
 These little 4-patches were backed with cotton.
This is what they looked like when I cut them away
from the hand towel and the wash cloth. Lucky me!
Now my bare hand towel and washcloth are lonely!
Too bad - I like the little 4-patches as my scissor cases better.
by conny

Monday, June 20, 2011

A forgotten pattern

I hope you like this little cutie, I love
butterflies! The leaf was a plus as was the little
grasshopper. Love patterns that are quick to stitch.
Sorry but I can't remember the pattern name.
by Hopblogger

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blogger is fixed!

My sweet hubby finally had enough of my griping
For all of you that are having trouble try this.
A few months back he updated our computer to
Internet Explorer 8. Things did not go very well
at all when he did that. My sweet hubby ended up
removing Internet Explorer 8 and going back to
Internet Explorer 7.
This time my sweet hubby decided to update to
Internet Explorer 8 - but this time he went to And he dowloaded
Internet Explorer 8.
The problem is somewhat fixed - now I can see and visit you -
but I still can not comment on your blogs!
(my sweet hubby has already gone to bed so I
will tell him in the morning about not being able to
comment on your blogs - hopefully he can fix that)
My fingers are crossed.
Sweet hubby said to try the steps below for your
followers -  because this is what he did!

1. Delete temporary internet files, cookies & history.
2. Check to see what version of Internet Explorer
you have.
3. If it is lower than version 8 - then RE-INSTALL
Version 8.

We hope this corrects your problem also.
by Hopblogger

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Remember those Purses with the bamboo handles!

I am sure that you have seen them before.
Somewhere in my large stash of leaflets is this
pattern with all of those pretty monograms. I dont
think that anyone makes these anymore but if you own
one - then why not remake remix and reuse it! The purse is
truly out of date! Please do not be intimidated by these
long directions. They are truly simple. If you sew then these
directions are not of any use to you - but for someone who
doesn't  then I hope that you can understand my directions.
Please read thru them first so you understand before you cut.

You will need one of these purses, some ribbon, needle &
sewing thread, or a sewing machine. Anyone that reads
the tutorials on my miniature blog knows that I stitch most
of my things up with 2 strands of candlewicking thread.
I use what is on hand at the time or what I have. Those
tutorials also show how I sew each piece - as I have used
that same concept here with my handstitching.
 Sorry guys - I forgot to take a photo with the bamboo
handles on. These cute lined purses have both sides
which are cross stitched - and they are generally the same.
One side will make a large scissor case & the other side
will make a scissors fob and whatever else you want
out of the fabric. The scissor fob directions have already
been posted before this posting.
 Before you cut anything - take a look here at the top
of the purse once the handles are removed. There is a
casing already for you to insert ribbon. And notice that the
side seam is not stitched all the way up to the top of
the purse.
 I realize now that I have forgotten a photo - in which
I forgot to snap. But here is what you do. To cut these
apart - simply start on one side of a side seam and cut
around to the other side. This will leave the lining still
stitched to one side. (you will notice in my photos that I did not do this).
But you should - because it will keep your lining sewn down
to where it doesnt get in your way. I had a little more trouble
because I didnt do this.
 After they have been carefully cut apart. See those
dog-ears - snip them off. The dog-ears are located at
the bottom of the purse - yea those little flaps.
 I hope you were careful when cutting the front & the
back apart. See these side seams - they look nice.
 See what I told ya - I didnt stick to one side when cutting
the 2 halves apart.
 To begin  - make sure that you have some
pins handy. Start at the bottom and be sure
to keep straight the lining and turn under.
See the part that is sticking out beyond
the hem. Fold the bottom up to that - just
as you see here to the inside.
 Now - look at the other side. Make sure that
the scroll is even all the way across. You dont want
a lop-sided bottom! When it looks good - then pin it -
with the pin on the green scroll. Do not pin on the
inside of the scissors case as you might not be able to
take them out later.
 I hope that you can tell what I am doing. All I am
doing is - finger pressing up the bottom and folding
over the side closest to me. I am trying to get it straight
and also while tucking in those bottom threads before
I pin the bottom closed. I am not worried at this point
about the inside edge. The lining is a little slippery.
Also keep checking the front side with the green scroll.
You want it straight as possible.
 I have pinned it in place only once. And I am still
fumbling with it.
 There - I have gotten it as straight as I possibly can.
Before I stitch it then I will make sure I straighten it better.
You can machine stitch this closed or hand stitch it
closed. The option is yours. However once you start sewing
up - you will have to hand stitch.
 Be sure to double click & make this photo larger to see.
The part that is folded over - I had to pin down on the
front side. Also notice the inside raw edge near the green
scroll. I am not worried about this edge as it will be hidden.
 Now flip over the other side - align up the bottom
and pin it. Make sure to straighten it up as good as you
can. Then proceed pinning up towards the casing and fold
the raw edge under as you go.
It is hard to keep it all straight but do it as good as you can.
You can straighten it up more once you begin to stitch.
 Here is mine pinned. I will only stitch up to the point
of that last pin - because my pins are long.
 Move your pins around to get the best look - unless
you are aready satisfied.
 Take one last look - see how far my pin
goes up. You dont want anymore open
than that.
 Now make sure that only the back and the lining
are pinned - because you dont want to stitch the
entire thing closed to where you cannot put your
scissors in there.
 Start at the bottom and hide your knot on the inside.
There are 2 ways that you can stitch this. You can whip
stitch it closed or hide your stitches. I prefer to hide
my stitches on the inside.
 Stitch all the way across to one side and then back
again. This strengthens the bottom.
 Now proceed upwards - be sure not to stitch it to the
front side! Keep checking by putting your hand inside
once in a while - to make sure that you dont feel
any stitches.
 So far so good!
 This is how I measure the ribbon. All I do is wrap the
ribbon around the outside and add what I want for the
length. Cut off the excess ribbon.
 I forgot to tell you - that you need a small safety pin.
Put it on the ribbon like the picture shows.
 Now thread the safety pin thru the casing all the way
to the other side and pull out to make the ribbon
equal on both sides. Now put knots at the bottom of
each ribbon so the ribbon doesnt pull back thru.
 Place your scissors inside and make a pretty bow
on the back with your ribbons. This is the front side.
 It holds the scissors very well. You can put a piece
of cardboard on the inside just to stablize it more.
But you dont have to - because its not flimsy. Its sturdy.
 Here is the bow on the back.
I hope Pep likes this little set.
Be sure to make the matching scissor fob!
by Hopblogger

The Matching Scissor Fob

This is what the matching scissor fob looks like from
the other half of the purse.
 This photo is a little fuzzy but you are able to see
what I am talking about. I wrestled with the idea of
cutting out a large area that encompassed the 'P'
with the 2 side scrolls. That would make a nice large
'pincushion'. Then you would have only the bottom and
the top scrolls to make a fob.  But this was not what
I initally wanted to do with it. My main priority was only
to make a scissor fob from this piece. So I decided not
to stray from this. Certainly you can make the pincushion if you
like this idea. The choice is yours.
 Around the 'P' - there are 2 strands of threads. Can
you see them? Starting on the bottom part of the right scroll - I cut
inbetween these threads and continued cutting on all
4 sides of the 'P' until I cut it out.
 Then I used one of bottom side pieces for the backing.
For those that do not sew - simply place the letter on
top and cut around the square. Be sure to center your
letter on that pretty stitching that is on the purse. No
Pins - just cut around it.
 The ribbon length is really 'your choice'.  Try not
to cut too long or too short. Sorry but I do not measure
some things and this is one of them. Simply cut a length
and fold it in half.
 At the bottom raw ends tie a knot as I have done here.
 In this step all I did was place that ribbon knot on the
inside of your front & back piece and pin it in place.
There isnt any need to turn under. You can machine
stitch all the way around if you like. But it only takes
about a minute to hand stitch all around the 4 sides.
And my stitches are not too small nor are they too big.
See my needle. When you finish each little section - then
remove your pins so you dont get stuck. Then when completely
finished knot it off. Be sure to stitch around the ribbon really
good to make sure that it is anchored firmly inside.
When finished sewing - dab on some 'fray check' to keep it
from raveling.
 Here is the front - you cant even see the stitches!
 Here is the back. Its so different than some fob backs.
 Just another photo for you.
 Its a cute set. And it didnt take long at all to make.
Just a couple of free minutes!
 This is the rest of the purse. I dont know what I am
going to do with these little pieces. But I can take the
4 scrolls and place them where the scrolls are on the
outside as you see here. Sew 2 of them together for a
front - sew the other 2 together for a back. This would
make a cute pincushion.
Two of the other 3 pieces could become a small
needlebook with some felt inside. There is also a piece
that could be used for the top of a bottlecap pincushion.
The only reason I did not sew any of these together was
because Pepper didnt need any of those items.
Thats another project for later!
by Hopblogger