Friday, June 3, 2011

One of my Gardens

from the side of my yard. The green bush above my
hydrandeas is a Lady Banks. In early spring she blooms
little yellow flowers all over which resemble little roses. She is so
pretty when she blooms. Intermingled here and there
is some purple wisteria. The wisteria is still in her
infancy. I would like for the Lady Banks and the Wisteria
to eventually consume the fence all the way to the front
of the yard.  My soil loves Hydrangeas.
This hydrandea bush is only one bush.
 All of this greenery are different types of plants -
However there are about 4 more different Hydrandeas
planted in this flower bed.
 The plant bed is quite long. There are beared iris, lillies
and some wisteria, along with some other plants
that are buried here. I cannot remember all of
their names.
 Me thinks that the rose bush has seen its better days.
Perhaps this summer I will get rid of it and put something
else in its place.
 I didnt mean to highlight my trash can. Somehow it just
happened that way. Many years ago I bought this iron trellis
for about 80 dollars. Not knowing where I was going to
put it - it just got laid down beside the fence and thats
where it stayed. The next thing that I knew the trash can
got put there. Anyway Lady Banks took hold on it and now
she is heading to the other side. One thing about this
set-up is - if it rains while you are throwing away your garbage
then you can stand under this green parasol and not get
 These Azalea bushes are located opposite my blue
hydrandea bush and the trash can.
 They bloom white, an old pink and a modern pink.
I see one has died already. Well I will replace it
this summer with some new ones.
 Yep another one 'bit the dust'.
When others start getting their gardens ready for
Spring - then I am stuck indoors trying to sleep
away these allergies! I miss most of the Beauty of
It is the summer when I plant anything!


Craftland said...

Hallo Conny, I have found your 2. blog.
Tomorrow I will stay a long time here.
But I must say: Your Hydrangea is so great. She has so many flowers. Great. And the blue is wonderfull.
Bis bald
deine Craftland

Tatkis said...

Oh, beautiful garden! I love hydrandeas so much!


Loredana said...

Oh such beautiful hydrangeas. How do you do it? Whenever I had any, they were either eaten by snails or shrivelled up and died. Perhaps it is our hot climate. Very nice garden!

Tea Cottage Pretties said...

Hydrangeas are my favorite. Here in Texas you can not have them but as soon as I move back to the East Coast, I want to live in a field of them with nothing but a little path to my door. I can dream........