Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just wanted to tell you

not to overlook or readily dismiss some items. I made
these scissor cases from some of the most unlikely
sources. Although the 'potholders' make large cases
to hold your scissors or your rotary cutter - you might be
lucky to find a very small potholder to hold small
scissors. The idea for these scissor cases surprised me.
 Take a look at your towels - thats right. They are
right under your nose. I have 2 hand towels and one
wash cloth. The little 4-patch on the wash cloth was
4.5 inches square. It was just perfect for a case for
my small embroidery scissors.
The other 2 hand towels 4-patch were 5.5
inches square. It holds scissors that were a little
bit larger than my small embroidery scissors.
 These little 4-patches were backed with cotton.
This is what they looked like when I cut them away
from the hand towel and the wash cloth. Lucky me!
Now my bare hand towel and washcloth are lonely!
Too bad - I like the little 4-patches as my scissor cases better.
by conny


La Reyes said...

Hola! muy bonito tus tijeras están muy guapas!!! feliz SUMMER!!!! Reyes.

Anonymous said...

Very clever, Conny!