Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello Everyone

My blogger is still not fixed like it should be. So many
of us are having problems seeing our followers
and commenting on their blogs. I do wonder
like everybody else - 'what is going on'?
Does blogger have a virus!
When anyone becomes a follower to me - I reciprocate
back by becoming their follower. We help each other out.
Lets hope that blogger corrects this problem - or we all
may eventually succomb to what - no followers - I dont know!
Also I would like to take a minute to say.
If I do not become your follower it is because I cannot find
you amidst your followers in your profile. Please make it
simple and put your blog on your profile for me to see.
When I go to another computer then I can follow you.
Many hugs & kisses

1 comment:

Craftland said...

Hello Connie, I can see your followers and a can comment. Days ago I have also problems with blogger, do you know this, it will go away. You must have patience. Liebe Grüße von Craftland