Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Matching Scissor Fob

This is what the matching scissor fob looks like from
the other half of the purse.
 This photo is a little fuzzy but you are able to see
what I am talking about. I wrestled with the idea of
cutting out a large area that encompassed the 'P'
with the 2 side scrolls. That would make a nice large
'pincushion'. Then you would have only the bottom and
the top scrolls to make a fob.  But this was not what
I initally wanted to do with it. My main priority was only
to make a scissor fob from this piece. So I decided not
to stray from this. Certainly you can make the pincushion if you
like this idea. The choice is yours.
 Around the 'P' - there are 2 strands of threads. Can
you see them? Starting on the bottom part of the right scroll - I cut
inbetween these threads and continued cutting on all
4 sides of the 'P' until I cut it out.
 Then I used one of bottom side pieces for the backing.
For those that do not sew - simply place the letter on
top and cut around the square. Be sure to center your
letter on that pretty stitching that is on the purse. No
Pins - just cut around it.
 The ribbon length is really 'your choice'.  Try not
to cut too long or too short. Sorry but I do not measure
some things and this is one of them. Simply cut a length
and fold it in half.
 At the bottom raw ends tie a knot as I have done here.
 In this step all I did was place that ribbon knot on the
inside of your front & back piece and pin it in place.
There isnt any need to turn under. You can machine
stitch all the way around if you like. But it only takes
about a minute to hand stitch all around the 4 sides.
And my stitches are not too small nor are they too big.
See my needle. When you finish each little section - then
remove your pins so you dont get stuck. Then when completely
finished knot it off. Be sure to stitch around the ribbon really
good to make sure that it is anchored firmly inside.
When finished sewing - dab on some 'fray check' to keep it
from raveling.
 Here is the front - you cant even see the stitches!
 Here is the back. Its so different than some fob backs.
 Just another photo for you.
 Its a cute set. And it didnt take long at all to make.
Just a couple of free minutes!
 This is the rest of the purse. I dont know what I am
going to do with these little pieces. But I can take the
4 scrolls and place them where the scrolls are on the
outside as you see here. Sew 2 of them together for a
front - sew the other 2 together for a back. This would
make a cute pincushion.
Two of the other 3 pieces could become a small
needlebook with some felt inside. There is also a piece
that could be used for the top of a bottlecap pincushion.
The only reason I did not sew any of these together was
because Pepper didnt need any of those items.
Thats another project for later!
by Hopblogger

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Tatkis said...

Beautiful set! Great idea with the purse and pincushion, Conny!