Friday, June 17, 2011

Blogger is fixed!

My sweet hubby finally had enough of my griping
For all of you that are having trouble try this.
A few months back he updated our computer to
Internet Explorer 8. Things did not go very well
at all when he did that. My sweet hubby ended up
removing Internet Explorer 8 and going back to
Internet Explorer 7.
This time my sweet hubby decided to update to
Internet Explorer 8 - but this time he went to And he dowloaded
Internet Explorer 8.
The problem is somewhat fixed - now I can see and visit you -
but I still can not comment on your blogs!
(my sweet hubby has already gone to bed so I
will tell him in the morning about not being able to
comment on your blogs - hopefully he can fix that)
My fingers are crossed.
Sweet hubby said to try the steps below for your
followers -  because this is what he did!

1. Delete temporary internet files, cookies & history.
2. Check to see what version of Internet Explorer
you have.
3. If it is lower than version 8 - then RE-INSTALL
Version 8.

We hope this corrects your problem also.
by Hopblogger

1 comment:

Marlene said...

If you go into blogger, settings, comments, change your comments to show in a pop up box, thus will also solve problems. I did it and I'm not having any troubles, it's a solution posted often by ladies tring to help others. Hope you are well.