Thursday, June 9, 2011

Romancing the Southern Belles

The silhouette turned out okay. Its quick and easy.
I liked the color I chose. She is so romantic.  But I
did have to fudge some on it. For one thing I didnt
cut it to the correct size.
 It didnt dawn on me that the pattern has a mistake in
it. Can you find it. Inbetween the 2 branches is an
empty space that is squared off. It sure did look
odd and I didnt like
it. So I filled it in by myself.
 See the pattern shows some of the pattern missing.
My stitching on the right shows where I filled it in.
I added another branch - it still looks a little squared
off but not as bad as what the pattern shows.
 When I corrected the spot on my silhouette - it didnt
dawn on me to look at the pillows in the magazine until I had
already stitched it. If I had thought about it - then I would have
copied from this pillow. There isnt any squared off section
on these! I havent decided if I am going to stitch the onther.
by Hopblogger


La Reyes said...

Hola! me encantan tus cuadros, son muy bonitos me recuerdan a Escarlet Ohara. un beso desde Barcelona!

MiniBinoy said...

Hello Connie, the changes you have made are easily noticeable!!Beautifully done!hugs, Mini

Tatkis said...

Lovely and romantic design, and your thread color is great!
Waiting to see how you'll finish it!