Friday, June 3, 2011

The garden on my side yard

Just like my Azalea bushes - this side of the
garden has not came into bloom yet. There is always
something blooming at different times in my yard. These
are Rose of Sharon trees. Their flowers are very pretty.
It is a hardy plant. So far I havent killed it! There are
3 of them. On the right is a white one. The large green
one on the left is pink. You cannot see the white one because
its behind that tall light green tree. I have no earthly idea
what that tree is that I planted. In fact I dont recall planting
it but every year it grows taller and its growing fast.  I asked
my DH if it was a weed and he said 'no'. 
 The flower bed is packed full
of Shasta Daisys, purple bearded iris, little red roses and
some more lillies. Mother Nature waters my gardens in
the Spring because I cannot always get out here to do so.

 This is what the Rose of Sharon trees look like from
the front of my yard. They are going to need pruning back
if I want to enter in through this side of the yard. I will take more
pics when everything on this side blooms. Which shouldnt be
too much longer.
I hope you like this side.


Tatkis said...

I certainly love all the sides of your garden :)


Faith... said...

Beautiful gardens!

I also love your toothbrush / scissor holder ~ what a cute idea!!