Friday, June 3, 2011

My front yard

is graced with a purplish pink lacecap hydrandea.
 As you can see it has grown out of control. But I cannot
bear to trim it back later on in the season.
 The lovely lacecaps are taking over my steps! There
is one large miss lilly plant that is peeking out from under
her skirt. This summer miss lilly will have to be
replanted next to her kin-folk on the other side of the porch.
 This is just 3 miss lilly plants. In my yard the lillys
grow out of control like everything else does. I used to have
planted here along the row of bricks 'little richards'.
The 'little richards'  grew so fast that in 2 years time
they had to be removed. All of the lilly plants that are
in this front yard 'seen or hidden' lined those 'little richard'
bushes in masses!  The lilly bushes got so huge! 
I got tired of the rows of bushes and decided
that it was time to do something different.  So last year I
decided to lay down this brick with the help of my daughter.
We are not finished. I want the brick to wind around the
side of my house towards the gate where my 'Rose of
Sharon' trees are.
 This is the 3 miss lilly bushes. My neighbor said that
she has never seen such big bushes of lillies.
 Hopefully we can finish the brick and fill it in with
the dirt. Then it will have to be weeded before I
put my little white table and chairs on it. If it doesnt
look good then I will change everything again this
 The name of this bush has escaped my tongue!
Oh I remember now - its a Jasmin. It
has my miss lilly plants planted all around her legs. The lillies
might not bloom because Jasmin is out of control.
Last year I wrestled with her because she kept trying
to hug my porch.
 My baywindow has seen so many changes that its
not funny. I used to have a large window box that
stretched the entire width of the 3 windows. Whenever
it rained the dirt would splash on my windows so
it is not there any longer. With the window box removed
I planted these 2 trees that are supposed to grow tall
and thin. I cannot remember their names. But one is
dead already and needs replacing this summer. Another
bush 'bit the dust' and it will get replaced also. But with
what I dont know yet. I see that my 'lacecap hydrandea'
is repopulating her species. I will leave it there and see
what happens. The ground of the flower bed is riddled
with pink, white and purple flox. It doesnt take long for
it to grow wild in my yard. Its already growing over
my bricks.
 This little flowerbed is at the end of my porch beside
Jasmin. The pink flowers are pretty.
I hope you like my gardens.


Marlene said...

Full of flowers and colour, how could we not like your garden

Patty said...

Your garden is gorgeous!

Tatkis said...

So many flowers! Beautiful garden!


Judi said...

Hi Connie!

Your flowers are lovely! Personally, I love how they over-grow things (like growing up onto the porch steps, etc).

Last year, we had a pumpkin plant growing that totally took over our steps. We had about a foot wide section we could walk up/down. The mailman looked at it like we were nuts.

Love the side garden photos too. Just beautiful!