Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kitchen Witch Doll

How could you not love her face!
There are many
Kitchen Witch dolls on the internet. Some of them
fetch a very nice price.  A few of these dolls are really
ugly - but the uglier the better in my opinion. Alot of
the dolls are really cute. Its your preference.
A 'Kitchen Witch doll' hangs
in front of your kitchen window. It is suppose to bring
you good luck. And in these hard times - everyone needs
some good luck!  Take a look on the internet and read
the poems about these dolls.
Now - you may think that
a witch doll is not a good thing - but actually these are!
How about making a go of
it and make your own. I have a few kitchen witch
patterns but instead of sewing any of them -
I opted for making a porcelain one!  No - I didnt make
her. This is a remake blog. I used a doll that I already
owned. Most everyone has a porcelain doll in their home
that they no longer like before they have outgrown the style.
Since I am not selling her then I am not violating any copywrite laws.
All of these kitchen witch dolls that I will be making will be
given away. Witch Faye had to be
propped up on my bed pillow to get a get photo.
Now - I have not seen any full-bodied Porcelain
witch dolls. This is my idea as far as I can see. For many
months, (I am slow), I have been working on 'Witch Faye'.
Yes - I do name any doll that I make.
Witch Faye is not finished.
I still have to make her
shoes/boots, her broom and a string to hang her.
I'm afraid that my camera is not showing
Witch Faye at her best. She has very black hair, I
have painted her lips black.
 Witch Faye is a young witch. I love her leopard
bloomers that are edged with pink lace. Her purse
needs some bling and as of yet I am not sure how
I am going to spruce it up.
 I even painted her nails black. On this]
hand I intend on giving her a couple of
rings, maybe pearls or perhaps diamonds.
Its according on what I am able to find.
 This is Witch Faye's backside. Her bent
hat apparently is my trademark. For me -
on my dolls it seems that the bent hats work
the best. Those that have seen my witch dolls
Permelia and Sophilya on my miniature blogs
have seen their hats. Like I have said before -
I am unable to do ugly or pretty - so I have to
be inbetween those two. The leopard bow and
ruffle matches with the bloomers.
 I love this cape with its ruffle! It is so glittery.
 Here is another photo of Faye's hat. The leopard
ruffle is so cute. A clip-on pink cameo earring hangs from
her hat. I have tried several times to
get a good photo of the pink cameo but to no avail.
I love the way that
her hat is more towards the back of her head instead
of on top like all of the other witch dolls that I have seen.
I like things that I make to be different.
 A close-up of her hat.
by Hopblogger


Craftland said...

Connie, your Kitchen Witch Doll is very pretty. You also made the doll? Wow. I lover Fayes black hair, her black lips and her black nails. The dress is very witchy and the hat is cute. Hugs from Craftland

MiniBinoy said...

a very cute doll!!luv its costume face and hair:)

Hopblogger said...

Hopefully I can post this comment. Thank you both for your sweet comments. I am taking my time with witch Faye.
She will be going to a new home when she is finished. I have 5 more to make. Each of them is to be different.
Many hugs and kisses