Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"The Adventures of One-Eyed Jack"

my second pulished Book and I hope
this book is a huge success!
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Angel toppers

Hello Everyone!

Today's topic is Angels.
I know everyone at one point in
time has had at least one of these
Christmas Angels on their trees!
There are so many different kinds and
they are all beautiful. They get prettier
every year. I happen to love
the lacy ones, but over time being stored
in your attic, they become yellowed and
age really fast. The inside plastic becomes
brittle and yellowed. They may have lost the
pretty bows that once adorned them.
The lace begins to look tattered. Well I
have many of these angels.
At one time I
put Angels all over my tree - so I have plenty of them.
When I bought them, I cut the inside
plastic away and just sat them on the 
branches. My tree was gorgeous that year! Of course this
was many years ago that I did this. Every
year my ornaments seem to change.
This year I noticed that I had a few
lovely Angels that had yellowed really bad!
I know that you cannot see the yellow
but they are yellowed!
The 3rd picture
shows some yellow spots just above the
lace. Their hair is still very nice, but
I do not have any intention of remaking
over these Angels.
Well - it is time to reuse these Angels!
So I got to work. My trusty paper scissors
helped me cut away those yellowed plastic
cones. Then I grabbed my little red
handled pliers. That is my favorite
(tear-up) tool of destruction!

 This was the only Angel that was small. I tore away
the inside lights also. I will use them somewhere
else. The dress looks white but I assure you it
is yellow! I do not know why my pics have made
them bright! Strange!!!
 The yellow plastic came out easy in
this little doll. The holes in the plastic
held the lights. Most of these plastic
things come out really easy with very little
glue to clean out of the heads or body.
 Here are the bodies. Yep - I tore up all 4 of them!
I will donate their heads, arms and what little bodies
they have. I will also donate the wings.
Crafters would love to get their hands on them and
remake them over.
I know it is Christmas - but these little dolls could
also be made into HALLOWEEN WITCHES for
next year. Put on your thinking caps and imagine
it. Be sure to tear off the gold wreath on the
little angels head if she is not going to be an Angel
 Hoo-ray!! Tide and a little bleach whitened them
up very nicely! Even the yellow spots came out.

 I noticed that the fat wings to the left is still a little
yellow but it is brighter! It could be that those wings
should not have been bleached.
 The bodice and sleeves on this dress did not clean
up like the lace. I remember the bodice and sleeves
being a beautiful white. It might be because of the fabric
it is. And so I will cut away that fabric.
Oh well - they still look better.

These laces are going to be used for my miniature
dresses that I am going to make. The lace will look
Have a lovely night with you and yours!