Friday, July 1, 2011

Today was my BIRTHDAY!!

I can not tell you how old I was.
Because I forgot.
Today was a very good day! It started off
very nicely and ended very good. This morning -  I
had so many emails and phone calls. In which
all of them wished me a 'happy birthday'.
Many hugs and kisses to all of them.
The morning was spent hanging out with friends
and my daughters. We all had fun eating at Daniels.
Well - lets just say that - my daughters and I ate salads.
My friends ate whatever they wanted. Sometimes being
a celiac can be a bummer - but none of us let it stop us
from having a good time. Afterwards we went back to
my daughters house. She had baked me a gluten-free chocolate
cake. Yum,yum - it sure tasted good! Then my daughter gave me
this cross stitch. It sure was a surprise!
I love Paula Vaughan's work. Since I am a quilter - all of
the quilt scenes (even though they look country) just grab
my heart. The title of this piece is called Summers Remembered.
Leaflet #392. Sorry the photo is not super-clear.
Afterwards we had a great time shopping! When I got
home my dear hubby had dinner made. He cooked up a
gluten-free Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots.
We ate it all!
by Hopblogger 


La Reyes said...

desde Barcelona, besos REYES.

Tatkis said...

Happy birthday Conny!
You are such a lovely person :)
and you had a wonderful day, that's great!

Big warm hugs!


Feliz Aniversário !! Alegrias e saude!

Dolores said...

Happy belated birthday. It sounds like you enjoyed your 'special day.'

maria l. said...

Es precioso tu trabajo, imposible para mí por mi escasa paciencia
I like your blog very much

Anonymous said...

Hello Conny,
your Blog is very nice. I like it.
Karin from Germany

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